How to troubleshoot a keurig coffee maker

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How to troubleshoot a keurig coffee maker and quick tip on how to prolong its life.


atomgonuclear says:

This is an awesome video and you did a great job at describing the
operation. It’s currently 4:50 on the morning of Christmas and I’m putting
one of these together because it’s going to be a gift in 3 more hours, so I
know how frustrating it can be. I have an idea for your Keurig with the
solenoid always open. You should wire a relay to the power button that
will only open the solenoid once it’s powered up and not just when it’s
plugged in. If you are interested in getting free Keurigs for parts let me
know and I can give you an awesome tip that has got me at least 15 free
machines that only had really simple problems. I’ld rather not post it all
over the internet, but you look like you will put them to good use.

eddie gee says:

i have a keurigb-31. it doesn’t pump water at all. tried cleaning needles
and nada. water just remains in tank. it warms up, but thats it.any help
would be greatly appreciated. how do i disassemble it?

Christopher Pinterich says:

Thanks for the info! I could have taken mine apart and figured it out, but
I always appreciate somebody saving me some time =D I like the mods on
your Elite, too =D

Gary Diamond says:

Good video, so i was getting water coming out the white return line to the
tank and half cups only i cleaned everything else up, now i hit the area
above the white return line and it works normal FOR NOW, but from your
video i think i may have a sticky solenoid do you agree? 

Pat Piedmont says:

Very good information ! Thank you . 

Michael Adams says:

how do you trouble shoot the transformer. what values do you look for with
a meter?

Catherine Modlin says:

Thank you for the video. My Keurig dispenses water as soon as I turn it
“on”. I haven’t even pushed the brew button, and water is coming out!!

ajuneice says:

Mine just started pouring water out of bottom, Any tips? 

Ann Drury says:

How do you Drain the water in the holding tank?. I don’t use mine much so I
want to store it

beach2916 says:

I got a b60, it works fine but it’s noisy when it refills the inner tank.
Is this the vac. pump and does it need re-greasing?

tommycoz418 says:

Awesome video! After I blew all of the lines… I’ve learned from your
video that my solenoid is bad. If I pinch off the overflow tube in the
water reservoir then I get my cup of coffee. Next question – is there a
part number so I can order a replacement? Or do I buy a used one on eBay?
Great tips too! Thanks for the info! 

P Courville says:

I have a B40 and all the lights blink, unplug, replug and still blinks.

Lex McGee says:

Cuisinart SS-700 control panel lights, but flashes Not Ready.
Not sure about likely cause nor where I can order parts for ultimate repair.
Any ideas?

Sandra Kenyon says:

my keurig just makes a weird grinding noise and doesn’t actually pump
anything anywhere… i have no idea how to fix this…

averycowin says:

The keurig b40-b50-b60-b70 all run on a pressure monitored system so when
its brewing half cups it thinks it needs descaled i will post another video
on how to refurbish the pump soon

Pascal Votan says:

The solenoids corrode in these units due to mineral water too. I took a b70
apart and the solenoid was corroded from minerals in our water. I managed
to pry it apart in the corrosion was quite evident.

MrsSheStrokes says:

I was just wondering how to grease the pump motor? I am getting a half cup
and have to run it a few times to get a full cup. I have de-scaled and
poked through the needle. Also it is still telling me to dr-scale and it
won’t brew a cold cup.

rulevern says:

When my unit finishes a cup , I have to hit the top so that it will draw
water to fill the resevoir . is this the pump or solenoid? And where do i
get replacement parts. This has been the most helpful video for me. Thanks

hmitzel1571 says:

I have one that leaks from bottom when it is plumping water to make coffee

GaryfromMemphis says:

I have the Office Pro and just sent it back for 1.)only brewing for 2
seconds, shooting water into the reservoir and leaking out bottom. All
sound like they could be because of the solenoid issue. I blew water out
one of the hoses near bottom and that didn’t help. What type solenoid do I
look for ?

The Lightning Stalker says:

How did you get the top off without ruining it?

Phil DeFazio says:

where can you get parts for the b60

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