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“WAKEY WAKEY, RISE AND SHINE!” Watch James Cordon rouse our real drip coffee drinkers and convert them to Keurig enthusiasts. Who wouldn’t love coffee with Cordon? Join GENUINE’s Real People Database to receive our latest casting notices and see whats brewing. #GENUINERP #casting #realpeoplecasting #Brewthelove #NationalEspressoDay
Watch as I use a turkey baster to fix a common issue with the Keurig coffee maker.
Instructions on how to use the Keurig K15 coffee brewing system and a brief review
I bought this keurig about Oct 1st 2011 and wanted to do a quick review on it. I hope this helps anyone on there decision to buy one. Also I tried not to say Umm so much so be patient. Thanks
In today’s video it’s moving day! I take you along the big move and all the fun entertainment along the way. I read your comments and a lot of you wanted to see my pop figure collection and the shelfs I use for them so I show you. After the move we head to Target for some more shopping fun and trying to get as many groceries as we can, and thanks to some of you for donating the other night during my live stream for our house warming gift, we are able to get the Keurig K-Cafe so we [More]
Whether you share a carafe of delicious coffee or freshly-brew your own mug of something special, our K-Duo brewer makes breakfast in bed even better! #BrewTheLove
NOTE: I DO NOT USE A KEURIG MACHINE ANY MORE. THIS VIDEO WAS MADE BACK IN 2011 BEFORE I DISCOVERED THE AEROPRESS. ( ) Matthew Ebel shows you how to make decent coffee with one of the least coffee-friendly machines ever made. It is possible, it just takes the right steps. GET MY MUSIC AT HEAR MORE AT FIND ME ON PATREON: Just Get An Aeropress: …and an electric kettle: Keurig Machines: Reusable Filters: Awesome Grinder: Disposable K-Cups: Disclosure: Amazon links are affiliate links, as if that wasn’t patently obvious. [More]
Keurig k-compact classic series … click on the link if you want one .
Ever wondered what happens inside a Keurig Brewing System? Watch a fully functioning Keurig K155 Office Pro with the cover off! Plus a few tips on disassembly, troubleshooting and repair.
Descaling is an important process that removes calcium deposits, or scale, that can build up inside a brewer over time. This video will show you how to descale your Keurig® brewer.
With the K-Duo brewer you can brew a carafe of dark roast for the book club coming over and a cup of your favorite light roast for yourself. Make any occasion the perfect coffee occasion with the K-Duo brewer. #BrewTheLove
Whether it’s a carafe for the whole family or cup to-go before work, our K-Duo brewer makes any occasion the perfect coffee occasion. #BrewTheLove
Doug Delony has the sweet scoop on what they’re calling “The Keurig of Ice Cream” and more in the latest Tech Corner.