A friend at work gave me his broken Keurig K40 for me to tear apart or fix. Apparently I have a reputation at work. He has already bought a replacement unit and no longer needs this one. I dont enjoy coffee as much as I enjoy tea… so we see if we can turn it into a tea maker with little effort. I hope you enjoy this look inside a modern appliance.
Introducing the new K-Duo Plus™ Single Serve & Carafe Coffee Maker: the perfect coffee maker for any occasion. It includes a 12-cup thermal carafe. Perfect for keeping your coffee hot for up to 2 hours. Features: – Brew a single cup off coffee or a carafe – Strong Brew – Multiple Brew Sizes – Pause & Pour for added convenience – Programmable Carafe Auto Brew – Smart Start – Energy Efficient – Travel Mug Friendly – Compatible with the My-K-Cup® Universal Reusable Coffee Filter – Large 1.77L (60 oz.) Water Reservoir – Multi-Position Water Reservoir The Keurig K-Duo Plus is [More]
For More Info or to Buy Now: http://www.hsn.com/products/seo/9092421?rdr=1&sourceid=youtube&cm_mmc=Social-_-Youtube-_-ProductVideo-_-669763 Keurig KElite Coffee Maker with 54 KCups and My KCup Five singleserving brew sizes and a strong brew option let you make a cup suited to your taste, every time. The KSelect brews quickly and easily, and its 75 oz. water reservoir means you can brew up to eight cups of coffee, tea or cocoa before you have to refill it. What You Get KElite coffee maker Water filter Water filter handle My KCup Instructions Manufacturer’s 1year limited warranty Bundled Goodies 12count box of The Original Donut Shop KCup pods 12count box [More]
Our Keurig K250 broke yesterday and so we upgraded to the new-ish Keurig Elite. Our old reusable filter for the K250 didn’t work in the new Elite model and we had to buy the new My K-Cup® Universal Filter. I put it in and it did not fit. UGH? The instructions on Keurig’s website was a bit confusing because they are more universal than specific to certain machines. We finally figured it out! So, if you’re upgrading your Keurig and you need the new My K-Cup, THIS is how to use the Keurig My K-Cup® Universal Reusable Filter in the [More]
Whole Latte Love presents the Keurig B40 Single Serve K-Cup Brewer. Brew a fresh cup of gourmet coffee or tea in less than a minute with the Keurig B40 K-cup Brewer. With the B40’s patented one-touch technology, you are ensured perfect cup of coffee each and every time. And there’s no messy grinding or used grounds to dispose of after brewing. The 1500-watt single-serve home-brewing system uses Keurig’s patented K-Cups, with over 70 varieties of pre-measured gourmet coffees and teas to choose from. Simply open the lid, insert a K-Cup, close the lid, and select your cup size— 8 oz [More]
PLEASE READ FULL DESCRIPTION FIRST! 10 Minute Keurig 2.0 Permanent Fix – Full Menu and Any Coffee. Part 1 explains how to permanently defeat the optical sensor. Part 2 at 7:16 explains how to permanently enable the full menu. Part 3 at 19:40 explains the menu. The entire procedure should only take 10 to 15 minutes. Any modifications made to your machines are done at your own risk. I claim no liability or responsibility if you damage your machine. Do NOT perform this mod on the NEW K200 or any model that CLAIMS TO BE COMPATIBLE WITH THE ORIGINAL “My [More]
For More Information or to Buy: http://www.qvc.com/.product.K43265.html?cm_ven=YT&cm_cat=AU&cm_pla=DAVIDVENABLE_20150909_QojJmWAuuTs&cm_ite=KIT_PRODUCTDETAIL_K43265 1-800-455-8838, item# K43265 This previously recorded video may not represent current pricing and availability.
Hope you enjoy. The first unrestricted Keurig, use any K-cup. I understand this is a lengthy video. I apologize, this is my first video and I said digital resource management when I should have said “Digital Rights Management”. No Magnet and No Tape. This video was originally designed to assist my parents in disassembling the Keurig that I bought them for Christmas and incorporate another Hack. I would like to say that the inspiration to this video was created by a woman named Kate Gray who was working on a mode chip for the Kurieg 2.0. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQdHQQryU54
The new Keurig 2.0 coffeemaker now only accepts licensed Keurig K-cups. Clark and Christa show you how to hack it to refill with your own personal coffee — and save big bucks with this easy Keurig hack.
In this video I show you 5 different ways to hack the keurig 2.0 registration system. You can choose from simple and cheap to a permanent hack. Make sure to check out all the supplies and links down below to easily brew any coffee, tea or coca in your new keurig 2.0 machine. ——— S U P P L I E S ——— • Keurig 2.0 Coffee & Tea Brewer Maker K560  ——  http://goo.gl/QjnN33 • Keurig Keurig K550 2.0 Brewer, Gray  ——  http://goo.gl/AscqLQ • Keurig K450  ——  http://goo.gl/VmPFLn • Keurig Keurig K350 2.0 Brewer, Black  ——  http://goo.gl/8bxDSG • Keurig® 2.0 [More]
Whole Latte Love presents the Keurig Platinum B70 K-Cup Brewer. Keurig has designed a single-cup brewing system that uses a disposable K-cup to store, filter and dispense ground coffee. In less than 60 seconds, it brews directly into your mug. Don’t worry about what to do when entertaining guests — this machine brews much faster than a traditional coffee maker, and you can change cup size to brew a greater volume with each serving. Keurig
Keep your single serve coffee maker operating at its optimal performance by descaling every 3 to 6 months. This video provides step by step instructions on how to descale a Keurig K-cup brewing system. The process should take about 45 minutes. You will need: – descaling solution – a large ceramic mug – fresh water – a timer – access to a sink Find instructions for cleaning automatic drip, french press, and other coffee makers, visit the Blain’s Blog: https://www.farmandfleet.com/blog/how-to-clean-a-coffee-maker/
Learn how to make or brew ice coffee in your Keurig coffee maker. We used the Donut Shop Sweet and Creamy regular ice coffee k-cups in this demonstration. It has the milk and sugar already added to the K-Cup. This is very easy to do and works well in your Keurig. Disclaimer Our videos are for entertainment purposes only. It is recommended that you seek advice or help from a qualified professional while attempting any and all repairs. Do-it-yourself repairs can involve risk and injury, we assume no responsibility or liability for losses, damages or injuries that include but are [More]
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