Coffee makers can develop scaling and mineral deposit build up inside. This build up comes from the water used to brew your coffee. Over time the build up reduces the heating efficiency of your coffee maker. Which often leads to replacing the unit. This doesn’t always have to be the case. Here is an easy solution to deep clean the coffee maker. Note: If the coffee maker has a water filter, remove the filter before cleaning. The CLR company has dilution instructions for use to delime a coffee maker. You need to rinse it well. Do not use CLR in [More]
Great news, guys. It might be getting too warm to drink hot coffee, but that doesn’t mean that your beloved French press is no longer needed. That glorious, sleek container that makes it so simple to brew a cup of coffee in the morning can be used to make cold brew. The process for making cold brew in a French press is basically the same as making hot coffee, only it takes many, many more hours to brew (12, to be exact). Room temperature water is used in place of hot water. And a higher ratio of coffee to water [More]
Learn how to make a great cappuccino with Illy master barista Giorgio Milos. One of the first things about making cappuccino is to make a perfect espresso. And the key to great espresso is the right beans. You do need an espresso machine, and a stainless steel pitcher to help check temperatures by hand.  
Learn how to make a simple and robust cup of coffee with a French press pot.
Don’t let the daily grind destroy your morning cup of joe. Proper use of your automatic or hand powered coffee grinder is a must know if you want good coffee. This video shows the right way to grinding your coffee beans. Preground coffee quickly looses its’ flavour. If you want to get the most from auto drip coffee or even a french press grinding is the way to go. How To Grind Coffee Beans There are 2 types of coffee grinders. Blade grinders, like the krups. There are also burr grinders like the Blade grinders tend to be much less [More]
Have you seen people drinking coffee pulled from a tap this summer? That’s nitro coffee, and it’s currently all the rage. We’ve already seen how the bubbles-and-coffee combination makes people go crazy with the popularity of espresso tonics, so it’s no surprise that this slightly effervescent cold drink would be a big hit. Nitro coffee uses the same concept behind draft beer, which allows coffee companies to make big batches of cold brew and store them for an extended period of time (while still maintaining freshness). As the name would have you believe, nitro coffee is cold brew coffee treated [More]
IIced coffee has never been hotter, but a crowded market place often leads to product confusion, and it seems one needs a degree in coffee studies from UC Davis to navigate all of the iced coffee options on the market these days. While we’re certainly not here to tell anyone how to enjoy their coffee, it helps to know the difference between cold brew and iced coffee before you get an unsolicited lecture from an overzealous barista. More so, each way of making iced coffee has its pros and cons, which is helpful to know before you drop your hard [More]
We talk with Poland’s Agnieszka Rojewska about her 2018 London Coffee Masters win. After four days of intense multi-skill barista action at the fourth annual London Coffee Masters during the London Coffee Festival, a new champion has been crowned: Agnieszka Rojewska, an independent competitor from Poznan, Poland. From a field of 24 baristas—one not short on high profile competitors from across Europe and North America—Rojewska’s name quickly rose to the top of the list as the favorite to win it all, and for good reason; she is a three-time Polish Barista Champion, a four-time Polish Latte Art Champion, a two-time [More]
Specification: –Name: Black Cat Mug and Spoon Set –Brand: Koolkatkoo –Material: Ceramic –Color: Black –Capacity: 350ML Package includes: –One Cat Mug: 1 x Black –One Spoon: 1 x Black –Total: 2 items in a safe packaging box Advantages: –Fashionable cat design, cute, smooth, easy to hold –High-capacity 350ml, suitable for hot and cold drinks –Heat and cold resistance, healthier and safer than plastic or paper cups –Perfect design, economic and practical, beautiful and generous Maintenance & Note: –After long-time using, please use towel dipped in vinegar to wipe clean –Please place out of the reach of kids Product Features Cute [More]
Descriptions: Applying under-glaze mining technology, smooth and bright, easy to clean, not easy to fade. Free of lead and chromium, is conducive to human health, worth having a coffee cup. Porcelain are handmade, complex process, fine texture, feel like moist jade. Specification: Model: FG-4102 Material: ceramic Color: main white Size: 15*10*7.5CM Package size: 15*15*12CM Package includes: 1 x Cute Unicorn-shaped Mug Product Features Made from ceramic material, it is environmentally friendly, safe to use. Unique unicorn-shaped design makes your cup more attractive. With exquisite hand painting, fine workmanship and ingenious design. Perfect choice for you and wonderful gift for your [More]
Special Magic Gift For Christmas / New Year / Birthday / Anniversary – Ceramic Morphing Mug – 11 Ounces Heat Sensitive Color Changing Custom Coffee/Tea Mug Show your true colors with a morphing mug.Just plain black in color when it’s cold,this magical 11 oz. mug will turn white and reveal your design only when filled with a hot beverage.Just add your coffee or tea,and watch your images come to life in vibrant color.Makes A Great Gift!Drink Coffee In Style!Get Our Morphing Mug Now!Any questions about our items or services,contact us,we will replying to you within 24 hours. Product Features Special [More]
Specification: –Name: Cute Cat Coffee Mug –Brand: Teagas –Material: Ceramic –Color: Black –Capacity: 350ML –Top diameter: 2.7″ –Bottom diameter: 2.7″ –Body diameter: 4.3″ –Height(including cat ears)£º3.7″ Advantages: –Fashionable cat design, cute, smooth, easy to hold –High-capacity 350ml, suitable for hot and cold drinks –Heat and cold resistance, healthier and safer than plastic or paper cups –Perfect design, economic and practical, beautiful and generous Maintenance & Note: –After long-time using, please use towel dipped in vinegar to wipe clean –Handwash only and Not Microwave safe –Please place out of the reach of kids Product Features High quality ceramic, large capacity, light [More]
With this kind of emojis gift you will bring happiness to your partner. Search no more, express your personality with joy. Buy one for your dad today, mom. Your sister or brother will envy you each morning. A must for Father’s and Mother’s day. Did I mention Valentine’s day? Product Features This 11-ounces coffee mug has a high definition printing on both sides, perfect either for right or left handed users. Made with the best quality ceramic, it is an essential gift that will last for many years and anniversaries. The perfect gift that suits any birthday, celebration or simply [More]
A Unique Coffee & Tea Mug For The Soon-To-Be Bride! Now with Bang Bangin’s unique mug, you can surprise you fellow co-workers or family, and discreetly break the good news of your special marriage day! Our unique mug features a smart, digitally printed arrow that discreetly points to your ring, while you are holding the cup! High Quality Build & Print Each of our mugs is made with superior quality ceramics and is made to last. This means that our mug will last for the rest of your happy life, and will help you commemorate that special day, while you [More]
Details Quote Inspiration Outlander – Unique Coffee Mug – Gift – Custom Mug – White Mug – Funny – Coffee Mug – Coffee Cup – Art Mug – Coffee * Standard 11 oz. white, glazed ceramic.-Microwave and dishwasher safe. * Hot or cold beverages. * Imprinted design is located on one side of the mug. * Each Mug is made by order in our studio in The US, it takes 1-2 days. * The images are made by Sublimation Technique in hard white ceramic material, gloss finish vivid colors with high quality inks, images are scratch resistance and do not [More]