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is Chamberlain Coffee ACTUALLY good? 🧐 ⇩OPEN ME⇩ don’t forget to subscribe! Hi everyone! In today’s video I am going to be testing out Emma Chamberlain’s new coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee!! I not only wanted to taste test it, but I wanted to compare it to 2 of the most popular coffee chains where I’m from, Starbucks and Dunkin, to see who really makes the BEST cold brew. Thank you so much for watching! xoxo, Han Reusable straws- Chamberlain Coffee- ✰ WHAT I’M WEARING ✰ Sherpa hoodie- T shirt- thrifted Necklace- Nose ring- ✰ [More]
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Aloha y’all!! So for today’s video I’m trying Chamberlain Coffee…is it worth it? How do you make it? 10/10??? Watch to see results…😱😱 THANKS FOR WATCHING!! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE and LIKE this video if ya want:) INSTAGRAM: FIT INSTAGRAM: MERCH: JAW Fitness by Jil
today we are making, trying, testing, and reviewing Emma Chamberlain’s coffee. I give my opinion + try to help you decide whether you should purchase it or not. it was amazing. thank u emma for this masterpiece. #ChamberlainCoffee link to buy it: video this was inspired by: 《 s o c i a l m e d i a 》 insta: juliakcrist ↳ pinterest: juliakcrist ↳ vsco: juliakcrist ↳ business inquiries: [email protected] sub count: 11.1k ~tags~ @emma chamberlain chamberlain coffee, emma chamberlain’s coffee line, emma’s coffee recipe, cold brew iced coffee, emma chamberlain, emma chaimberlain’s [More]
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