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This Coffee Machine Demo Video made by Pravin Pol Photography in association with MixFroots creations for HUL.
Today ALDI start selling the K-cafe Expressi coffee machine. As long as I think Nespresso machine is pretty pricey for me, I choose this one which only cost $79!! The milk frother is $20. Coffee capsule $5.99 for 16 shots. For total cost under $110, no complaint at all. This video is for someone who are interested to buy one of this and worrying about the quality.
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In this video we show a demo of a Google Home device linked to Homebot, which is in turn linked to a QwikSwitch Smart Plug. With a simple voice command we can now switch the coffee machine on or off. Contact us for a free consultation if you’re interested in automating your home!
Nespresso machine demo how to make the perfect espresso and cappuccino
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This video is make for explaining coffee machine how to use it and do not use this machine when the tank is empty without water For more information please contact on my mobile number. +91963682.518
Quespresso Coffee Capsule Machines (Your Personal Italian Barista) For those who strive for good quality coffee but don’t want the mess or hassle, Quespresso Coffee Capsule is the perfect solution. With Quespresso, you can enjoy your favourite coffee drink at the touch of a button—you won’t even have to worry about cleaning up! Quespresso Coffee Capsule Machines are equipped with a special system that uses a pressure pump which, coupled with the machine’s unique shape, ensures that water flows evenly through the ground coffee beans at the perfect temperature and time to give you a full-bodied espresso. Each Quespresso Capsule [More]