► Links to the best budget espresso machines we listed today: ► 5. Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista – https://amzn.to/2qbnsB4 ► 4. Premium PEM350 – https://amzn.to/2oClGZC ► 3. De’Longhi EC155 – https://amzn.to/2MlXLGw ► 2. Barsetto Espresso Machine – https://amzn.to/2VLE0ve ► 1. Nespresso Inissia – https://amzn.to/2VPOn1k ————————————- ►UK Links◄ ► 5. Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista – https://amzn.to/2plLc5l ► 4. Premium PEM350 – N/A ► 3. De’Longhi EC155 – https://amzn.to/2nOxs2n ► 2. Barsetto Espresso Machine – N/A ► 1. Nespresso Inissia – https://amzn.to/2OTihQA ————————————- ►GER & EU Links◄ ► 5. Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista – N/A ► 4. Premium PEM350 – N/A ► [More]
Review of premium entry-level espresso machines: Gaggia Classic Pro, Rancilio Silvia, Bezzera Hobby and ECM Casa V. Compare the features of these machines including milk steaming test results. Find out why you should bypass cheap espresso appliances and which of these hand-assembled machines best suits your needs. Learn espresso! Watch the Playlist: Espresso, Getting Started: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmb86jpgWfE&list=PLaBDDfOHAAC1R3vkoqkLzUlHg4tWTUsPv Talk to a coffee pro at Whole Latte Love by phone, chat or email: https://www.wholelattelove.com/pages/contact-us Learn more about the machines in this video: Gaggia Classic Pro: https://www.wholelattelove.com/products/gaggia-classic-pro Rancilio Silvia: https://www.wholelattelove.com/products/rancilio-silvia-m-espresso-machine Bezzera Hobby: https://www.wholelattelove.com/products/bezzera-hobby-espresso-machine ECM Casa V: https://www.wholelattelove.com/products/ecm-casav-semi-automatic-espresso-machine Whole Latte Love on Social Media ——————————————————— [More]
Review of the new Elba 1 and Elba 3 espresso machines from 969.Coffee. Marc and Todd from Whole Latte Love take a look at two new heat-exchange boiler machines. The Elba’s are compact powerhouses with extra steaming power and quick recovery thanks to 1,500 watts of power. A high capacity drip tray with feet has a unique design for ease of use. See the machines in use brewing espresso, frothing milk and Todd pours some latte art! 969.Coffee’s Elba 1 and Elba 3: https://www.wholelattelove.com/969-coffee-elba-3-espresso-machine 969.Coffee Elba 1 Espresso Machine
In this video, Steve gives a brief overview of Astoria’s line of espresso machines. Shop online at: https://prima-coffee.com/manufacturers/astoria
Marc and Morgan from wholelattelove.com review and compare three super-automatic espresso machines in Saeco’s Minuto line: The Focus, Class and Carafe. These unique bean-to-cup machines make espresso using high-pressure brewing but can switch to low-pressure brewing for making drip-style coffee. With that capability you get the convenience of single-serve capsule machines and the quality of coffee made from fresh ground beans! They all froth milk for drinks like cappuccino and latte. Learn more and purchase here: https://www.wholelattelove.com/products/saeco-minuto-focus-super-automatic-espresso-machine https://www.wholelattelove.com/products/saeco-minuto-class-super-automatic-espresso-machine https://www.wholelattelove.com/products/saeco-minuto-class-super-automatic-espresso-machine
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Dan Kehn of Home-Barista.com introduces Phillip Marquis, volunteer “espresso newbie”, to the techniques unique to lever espresso machines.
Are you ready to take the plunge and treat yourself to a top of the line espresso machine? Look no further than this video! Josh shares Seattle Coffee Gear’s Top 3 picks for the best high-end espresso machines! Subscribe To Our Channel ▸▸ http://goo.gl/hRKEhR Check Out The La Marzocco GS3! https://www.seattlecoffeegear.com/la-marzocco-gs-3-espresso-machine Learn More About The Rocket R60v! https://www.seattlecoffeegear.com/rocket-espresso-r-60v-espresso-machine Like The Nuova Simonelli Musica? https://www.seattlecoffeegear.com/nuova-simonelli-musica-espresso-machine Want To Read More? https://www.seattlecoffeegear.com/blog/2016/09/13/gear-guide-high-end-espresso-machines/ Shop Freshly Roasted Coffee! https://www.seattlecoffeegear.com/coffee-tea Connect With Us Online! Facebook: http://goo.gl/13pJVF Twitter: https://twitter.com/seacoffeegear Google+: http://goo.gl/DDkRVD Instagram: https://instagram.com/seattlecoffeegear
In the year 1906, Luigi Bezzera unveiled his revolutionary coffee making machine at Milan’s International Fair. This machine made a concoction called “espresso” a thick coffee that could be made in seconds per customer’s orders. Bezzera’s espresso machines have outfitted more than thousands coffee houses in over 50 countries in a span of the last hundred years. Luca Bezzera, talks about the history of this 4th generation family business and the latest models of the machines.
Marc and Morgan from wholelattelove.com reveal their top five picks in the prosumer semi-automatic espresso machine category. Their picks include heat-exchange and dual boiler machines ranging from great values to those of extreme quality. Shop all prosumer semi-automatic espresso machines: https://www.wholelattelove.com/espresso-machines/semi-automatic-espresso-machines
An overview of the four main boiler types in home espresso machines. We discuss Thermoblock, Single Boiler Dual Purpose, Heat Exchanger and Dual Boiler machines to help you make a choice as to which one is right for you.
Marc and Todd from Whole Latte Love live review the full line of ECM espresso machines and grinders. Learn about ECM espresso machines and grinders including single boiler, heat-exchange and their flagship dual boiler Synchronika machine. Also a look at ECM grinder options including the Titan V 64 and more. Plus we answer viewer questions. To be featured on our instagram use #wholelattelove or #mycoffeebar. Check out and learn more about all the ECM products here: https://www.wholelattelove.com/brands/ecm
Comparison and technical analysis of heat-exchange boiler espresso machines with PID temperature Control. Marc from Whole Latte Love compares the Bezzera BZ07, Profitec Pro 500 PID and Rocket Espresso Evoluzione R Giotto. Get results of Scace device brew temperature tests, heat up times and steaming power for each machine. Learn which machine best fits your situation and get Marc’s opinions on things like build quality and usage considerations. Learn more about each machine here: Bezzera BZ07: https://www.wholelattelove.com/bezzera-bz07-de-automatic-with-pid-and-double-manometer Profitec Pro 500 PID: https://www.wholelattelove.com/profitec-pro-500-pid-espresso-machine Rockect Espresso Evoluzione R Giotto: https://www.wholelattelove.com/rocket-espresso-giotto-evoluzione-r
Todd from wholelattelove.com reviews and compares the Bezzera BZ07 and ECM Classika espresso machines. Tour each PID machine’s features and get a good look at internal components. The Bezzera BZ07 has a heat-exchange boiler for simultaneous brewing and steaming. The ECM Classika is a single boiler machine so there’s a wait between brewing and steaming to heat up or cool down the boiler. Stick around for the end for brewing, steaming and some latte art pours! Learn more and purchase here: https://www.wholelattelove.com/products/ecm-classika-pid-espresso-machine https://www.wholelattelove.com/products/bezzera-bz07-de-automatic-with-pid-and-double-manometer
Marc and Morgan from wholelattelove.com review and compare the Gaggia Brera and Saeco Pure super-automatic espresso machines. Both of these lower cost bean-to-cup machines feature auto-frothing wands for steaming milk for cappuccino and latte drinks. See both machines in action and discover which will better fit your coffee and milk-based espresso drink preferences. Learn more and purchase here: https://www.wholelattelove.com/products/gaggia-brera-espresso-machine-in-silver https://www.wholelattelove.com/products/saeco-pure-super-automatic-espresso-machine