Here is how I fixed my leaking Bunn coffee maker. Hopefully this will be helpful to anyone who’s Bunn leaks, and maybe even to anyone shopping for a new coffee maker.
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This is a DIY Tutorial to repair BUNN Coffee Makers that have stopped making hot coffee. The most common cause for this symptom is faulty thermal fuses. These devices prevent fires by self destructing when temperatures exceed safe limits. Unfortunately as these fuses age their tolerance for heat decreases and they fail even though temperatures are safe. When they fail they cut all power to the heating element. Replacing these with new fuses allows the unit to work properly again. It is common to see this happen after 3-4 years. Here’s an Ebay link to the fuses…
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GreenGander75 with Buddy Philips Here’s something a little different. I was as asked to look at a BUNN coffee maker that wasn’t working. This coffee maker is used by a local church that does a lot of charity work in the community and is used heavily by senior citizens in the area. I’ve worked on this before and I know that the local hard water is very hard on the internal parts of this coffee maker. We’re going to troubleshoot, repair, and clean the coffee maker. Help out on Patreon Thank you for watching. Please take a moment to [More] or 636-583-8200
This video provides step-by-step instructions for setting up BUNN Speed Brew home coffee maker with glass carafe
This video illustrates how to clean your BUNN Velocity Brew brewer. For a text copy of the instructions visit We recommend cleaning the internal system of your BUNN Velocity Brew brewer at least once every 3 months to remove any deposits that may have accumulated.
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The Bunn Velocity Coffee Maker brews consistently hot coffee very quickly. This is the product link More info:
Visit my website for more Tips, Videos, DIY projects and more: —————————— Click “Show more” ——————————————- A look inside and fix / repair of the Bunn My Cafe single serve coffee maker. What makes these fail?! A silly, cheap, air purge pump that also causes most Keurig coffee makers to fail and be thrown away.. BUNN MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home Coffee Brewer: Barrie House Breakfast Blend Single Cup Capsule: Barrie House Ultimate Hazelnut Coffee: Some of the components that make this run: * Mini Air Pump – 12V – KPM27H – Keurig Coffee Brewer Air [More]