Bekijk onze machines online: Of kom naar de showroom!: Met de EC850 Lattissima espressomachine van Delonghi zet je de lekkerste cappuccino of latte macchiato. Dit espresso apparaat werkt met koffiepads of gemalen koffie én dankzij het gepatenteerd, automatisch cappuccinosysteem maak je gemakkelijk een heerlijke cappuccino, latte macchiato of warme melk.
Learn about water filtration/treatment for espresso machines to maintain a mineral level to prevent over-extraction for best flavor without causing scale. Focus on the BWT Bestmax Premium for plumbed in machines with options for reservoir fed machines. Related videos: How To Install a BWT Filtration System: How To Make Basic SCA Coffee Brew Water: How To Descale Espresso Machine Heat Exchange Boilers: Products: BWT Bestmax Premium Filter Package w/Besthead FLEX: Penguin pitchers, pad filters, accessories: WHOLE LATTE LOVE Talk to our coffee experts: Call 585-724-7170 or go to Whole Latte Love on Social Media [More]
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This is a quick tutorial for making the first espresso after set up. Did you know that the espresso is the basis of all Italian coffee drinks? So it is important to get this first step right. With just a little bit of practice you will have all your friends and relatives coming round for real Italian coffee in the comfort of your own home.
This is another video in Joel’s series to minimize espresso extraction defects and improve the consistency of your coffee. Do you know what a brew recipe is and how to create one? There’s quite a lot of talk in the coffee industry about brew recipes and how important they are. In this video Joel goes through the process of creating one and explains how the recipe can be quite individual to your own espresso machine, grinder and the condition they are in at the time you make your recipe. A brew recipe adds quite a lot of control to your [More]
Wir hatten einige Zweifel, ob eine Espressomaschine für unter 200 € guten Espresso zubereiten kann. Deswegen haben wir uns die DeLongie Dedica EC 685 genauer angeschaut. Entstanden ist ein ausführlicher Testbericht mit zahlreichen Tipps, wie ihr alles aus der kleinen Espressomaschine herausholen könnt. ►4 Tuning Tipps um aus eurer DeLonghi Dedica EC685 alles raus zu holen: ►Delonghi Espressomaschine bei Amazon*: ►Maschine und Sieb und Milchlanze zur Verbesserung bei Amazon*: Michel Aeschbacher, Schweizer Vize-Baristameister und autorisierter Barista-Trainer hat die Maschine für einen Intensiv-Test sogar mit nach Hause genommen. Er hatte nach eigenen Worten vor, die Espressomaschine zu “zerreißen”, [More]
I made a couple of videos about this machine and I see that some people struggle with the milk frothing process, so I decided to make this video and try to help visualise it, hopefully making it easier to understand. The most common mistakes are to make too big bubbles or just heating the milk with little foam. We need to find the happy medium. This requires certain skill that can only be acquired through practise. Note: I mention that tapping is not necessary, and this is true when using a pressurised filter. Tamping may have some effect, but the [More]
Get these here… Get Black Rifle Coffee on Amazon here… As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. BRCC CANNED COFFEE Regular price $ 34.99 Read Reviews Buy one case, get a second case 20% Off! *Discount Automatically Applied America’s Coffee, now in a can. Our new hard-working coffee is the perfect match for hard-working Americans, with coffee-forward flavors, high-quality ingredients, and all the caffeine you need to stay mission-focused and adventure-ready on the fly. It’s America’s on-the-go coffee. -100% Colombian Coffee -Gluten Free -Good Source of Protein Available in 2 Flavors: -Espresso Mocha: Espresso Mocha comes [More]
Cafelat’s stylish home espresso maker is here! This novel manual espresso machine is fairly simple to use, and with a little practice you’ll be pulling shots that rival your favorite shops in no time at all. Join us as Steve walks through the notable features of the Robot and shows you how to pull a great shot at home. Purchase the Cafelat Robot at Prima Coffee:
This is a HOT TIP for any barista who is aiming to SERVE GREAT TASTING COFFEE in every cup they hand out. After cleaning and back flushing an espresso machine with chemical it’s VERY IMPORTANT for a barista to PROPERLY ‘SEASON’ the group head/s before using the coffee machine again. Unless of course you enjoy a chemical flavour in your cup of coffee! You really don’t want to be serving coffee like that to anyone in your cafe. In this video Joel here at Artisti Coffee Roastery takes us through our preferred method and shows you how to prepare your [More]
Learn how to use 5 different flow profiles to improve espresso and expand capabilities of E61 group espresso machines. Get profile graphs and see them in action! Profiles for: 1. Fresh from roast specialty coffee 2. Dark roast and bean blends 3. Coffee shots/filter coffee 4. Sweet bump 5. Manual lever extraction. Plus, learn how to calibrate a Flow Control to know your flow rates by valve position. Related video: How To: Improve Espresso Using Flow Control + Bottomless Triple Shots Dual Boiler espresso with flow control ECM Synchronika: Profitec Pro 700: Profitec Pro 600: Heat-Exchange [More]
Mesin espresso ini Pressure nya 15 Bar dan Listrik 1100 watt. Garansi resmi 1 tahun.
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