Alat Pembuat Kopi Praktis Berkualitas Tinggi! Siroca Coffee Maker adalah alat pembuat kopi dengan metode drip yang dibuat dengan pengawasan kualitas dari Jepang. Bubuk kopi yang dihasilkan bersifat medium, tidak terlalu keras dan tidak terlalu halus. Dapat digunakan setiap hari untuk menemani hari-harimu. Keunggulan Produk: Pembuat kopi otomatis dengan metode drip Dilengkapi dengan teknik grinding, menggiling biji kopi medium fine Menghasilkan bubuk kopi yang pas. Tidak terlalu halus, dan tidak terlalu kasar. Menghasilkan rasa dan aroma kopi yang pekat Mesin kopi dengan pengawasan kualitas dari Jepang Mudah dibersihkan Dapat digunakan untuk biji kopi, kopi bubuk, hingga teh Dapat digunakan setiap [More]
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Eid is almost around the corner ✨, and I have the perfect showstopper dessert that will make your celebrations even sweeter🥰 This super easy Gulab Jamun Cake Recipe makes for the perfect fusion dessert and guarantees a memorable feast 🤌🫶 I have used @hamiltonbeachindia’s professional Juicer Mixer Grinder to make this recipe, and I am super impressed with its undeniable superior performance that makes me worry less and create more in my kitchen ❤️🙋‍♂️ Ingredients- ✨1 cup gulab jamun premix ✨1 cup suji ✨1/2 tsp baking powder ✨1/2 tsp baking soda ✨3/4 cup sugar ✨1/4 cup whole nuts ✨1/2 tsp [More]
Sugar Free Cashew Shake to beat the heat!! Credits – @chefmodeon1487 Ingredient list:- 2 cups milk 20 cashews (soak in hot water for 30 mins) 1/4 cup honey ( add more or less as per taste) Few strands of saffron Grind all ingredients in the Hamilton Beach professional Juicer Mixer Grinder @hamiltonbeachindia ❤️ #reelitfeelit❤️ #foodreels #foodreel #aestheticreels#cinematicvideo #foodofindia #sweettoothforever #breakfastidea#chef_modeon #sweettoothsatisfied #sweettoothcravings#cusinecaptures #food365 #trendingreels
The Kinu M47 Classic is the top of the line Coffee Hand Grinder that has 47mm Steel Conical Burrs, Micro Grind Adjustments and grinds espresso! Shop Kinu M47 Classic Coffee Hand Grinder 👉 SUBSCRIBE to the OFFICIAL Alternative Brewing YouTube channel 👉 LAUNCH Alternative Brewing store online now 👉 Kinu Grind Settings: Turkish – 0.7.0 Automatic Espresso – 1.8.0 Manual Espresso – 2.2.0 Moka Pot – 2.6.0 V60 – 3.4.0 Delter Coffee Press – 3.6.0 Aeropress – 3.8.0 Chemex – 4.3.0 French Press – 5.0.0 Cold Brew – 6.5.0+ The Kinu M47 Classic Grinder is the ultimate [More]
Spring is here- time to juice your favorite Spring-fruits. With Hamilton Beach professional Juicer Mixer Grinder, the nutrition of the fruits stays intact, so you get the maximum from your fruits. #spring #nature #summer #springtime #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #homemade #healthyliving #juices #freshjuice #healthyjuice #smoothie #nutrition #fitness #colorful #juicer #mixer #grinder #perfection #cooklikeapro #SayHelloToPerfection #ProresultsAtHome #hamiltonbeachindia Find Us On: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
Review of the Fellow Opus and Baratza Encore ESP and comparison ► Standart Magazine: ► Fellow Opus – ► Baratza Encore ESP – ► Varia VS3 – ► Turin SD40 – ► Baratza Encore ► Fellow ODE – ► Join Home Barista Discord (FREE) ► Become a Patreon: My Coffee Roastery: INSTAGRAM: The Website: MERCH: Shop MY BREW BAR (USA): Shop MY BREW BAR (CANADA): Shop MY BREW BAR (UK): Kalita Filters: Eight Ounce Coffee Equipment: Espresso Gear: Third Wave Water: [More]
Go to to enter for a chance to win a Flair 58 and a Varia VS3 grinder. Giveaway ends 2/20.
Shop Baratza Encore ESP – Are you looking for a home espresso and coffee grinder that will help you achieve the perfect cup of coffee every time? Look no further than the Baratza Encore ESP! In this video, we’ll do an in-depth review of the Encore ESP and explain why it’s the perfect grinder for home baristas. We’ll cover the features, specs, and performance of the Encore ESP so that you can make an informed decision about your coffee grinder purchase. 00:32 – What is in the box, Design, Materials, Size and Weight 01:52 – New M2 Cone Burr, [More]
Marination of chicken Chicken breast – 2 Lemon juice – 2 tbsp Pepper powder – 1 tsp Salt – 1/3 tsp Pesto paste For Blending Pine nuts – 1/4 cup ( toasted ) Walnuts – 2 ( toasted ) Cashew nuts – 6 ( toasted ) Garlic cloves – 6 Fresh basil leaves – 1 cup Salt – 1/2 tsp Parmesan cheese – 1/3 cup ( grated ) Olive oil – 1/2 cup Shallow fry on medium low flame
Review of the Ceado E37SD single dose coffee grinder with 83mm titanium burrs. Get results of grind retention tests. Learn how to use the Ross Droplet Technique – RDT. See how the worm gear adjustment operates for both super-precise control of grind size and quick macro size changes from super-fine for espresso to coarser settings for drip, pour-over and press brewing. Also see The Jack leveler in action. Try The Jack and you’ll never use a tamper again! Ceado E37SD: The Jack Leveler by Asso Coffee: WHOLE LATTE LOVE Talk to our experts: Whole Latte Love on [More]