Mr. Coffee ECM-160, pulling the best shot of espresso.

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I know a lot of people bag on steam powered espresso makers, but for making lattes and cappuccinos it works quite nice and is a very reliable and quiet machi…


ajottawa says:

Excellent method. Works like a charm with great results. I have been able
to make latte art hearts but only after bending the steam wand by 30
degrees to be able to get a whirlpool going.

Mr Krabs, what grinder do you use? I use Magic Bullet blade one, but the
results are not great. The Lavazza pre-ground coffee is better but it loses
taste after a few days. Hence I am looking for a good budget grinder where
I can use fresh beans.

Goce TheMacedonian says:

One serious question, the portafilter is too deep, and made for 4 cups of
coffee ( my guess is 4×7= 28grams) ,, and was thinking, that might be the
problem, the portafilter, coz i am making only 1 cup of coffee and not 4,
and I like it normal,, as 1 shot of espresso, 7 grams. anyway, you said to
fill the water to the top, but in the manual it says “no more than 330

Goce TheMacedonian says:

will this work on Capresso 303 4 cup?? i’ve tried it,, but it still
sputters out after it is warmed up. any ideas?

ibreakkidslegs says:

I think Sunbeam acquired Mr Coffee. I have the Sunbeam version of this
product, and it seems as though it has been tweaked so that the heating
element cannot be turned on without opening the steaming wand valve. When I
turn the knob just enough towards steaming mode so that the light turns on,
I get a steady stream of drips out of the wand. I see in the video you get
a few drips too, but my machine does it about 20x worse. I’m thinking of
going to the hardware store to buy an attachment for the steaming wand
which will simply block its output.

spankminister says:

Thanks so much for making this video, I’m still working on learning this
stuff, pulled my first shot using it this morning.

How big is the shot glass in this? I think my first try was too bitter
because I let it go to the 1.5-2 mark and put the pot+spout it comes with
so I wasn’t looking at the color of the brewed liquid coming out.

Also, I’d really love it if you could do videos of how quickly you turn the
knob, and your method steaming milk with the attachment!

roman kowatch says:

Mine doesn’t turn on without releasing steam or water… In fact will
release pressure while off if not fully in the ‘off’ position.

kaymae2008 says:

I have a The Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso & Cappuccino Maker model
BVMC-ECM260. Just about everything in your video helped with my machine.
Thank you!

Mr Krabs says:

Yes it froths milk with the attached steam wand. Once the machine is warmed
up and pressurized as the above video shows, you simply raise a cup of cold
milk onto the steam wand and slowly turn it to the steam position. With
practice you can foam the milk better than what you normally get at
Starbucks, you can read how to steam milk at one of the many coffee and
espresso based forums and there’s also several videos of milk steaming on

b00m83 says:

Good tips.I just bought the same machine and had only concentrated coffe
because of the way i was doing it.I’ll try it just like you did and see
what much water do you put initially in the rezervoir? all the
way to the top???

TREv red trev red says:

The frothing is exceptionally good, I did some latte art with this machine
you just have to learn how to adjust to this being a low volume resivoir
and small espresso machine, it gets a good microfoam only complaint from me
is the frother should be movable or adjustable it can be difficult with
certain sized milk containers to get in and actually do the job a basic
cylinder one works best but iknow baristas would say noway, but they don’t
use this machine

Mr Krabs says:


Marks Phsoscha-Bughl says:

@qwerty4kylie Yeah, I’m not a coffee guy. But my wife is. So, I must make
her happy. My point is, she basically wants a caramel macchiato at home.
Will this do the trick? I mean, I know it’s not going to be as good as
Starbucks, but if I get all the ingredients, will this machine suffice?
It’s $60 @ Best Buy, but I’m going to price match it from Amazon. Amazon
has it for $40. At $40, is this best I can do? Sorry so long.

Mr Krabs says:

It’s not burned and how do you know how it tastes? Youtube hasn’t invented
taste ‘o vision. Steam machines simply don’t build enough pressure to make
dark crema but this is still less overextracted than the typical Moka pot
because Moka pots tend to presoak too long and take the grounds are used to
make about 3-4 shots over the course of a couple minutes. Far too long of
an extraction. Comparing to a typical consumer grade pressurized
portafilter pump machine I’d take this version.

Marks Phsoscha-Bughl says:

@qwerty4kylie Great reading that reply. You have made my wife happier with
mere typing. Thank you.

Mr Krabs says:

It’s still tastes better than my Moka pot and lots of people swear by
those. And Moka pots can’t steam milk.

Kim Dan says:

I’m looking for a tamper on amazon for that same machine, which one did you

Marks Phsoscha-Bughl says:

How is the frothing?

Dennis Garcia says:

What is the size of the tamper? please answer!

Mr Krabs says:

Yes all the way to the top. If you’re doing more than one shot you don’t
have to refill to the top. Just empty the portafilter and pack another puck
up around the the 2 mark as the first.

DrFrohman says:

What kind of beans and grind do you use? I recently ordered one of these,
and I really want to ensure I make the best espresso I can!

Jason Songbird says:

because it creates steam is it not dangerous to fill the container with

vrutant bhavsar says:

hi,… how to take small shot of espresso for cappuccino or latte…

Mr Krabs says:

In a pinch Cafe Bustelo works almost perfectly. Other than that I like to
buy the big bag of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf French Roast from Costco. It
makes for the most affordable and good quality espresso. Your grinder is
also important. It needs to grind consistently and not make a lot of dust
so the machine doesn’t either clog or you get a lot of grinds in your shot.
Also you’ll need a 49mm tamper to tamp the grinds into a nice tight puck.

Mr Krabs says:

Excellent. When you warm up the machine as I depicted the steam pressure
and volume beats out every pump driven machine I’ve experienced. That’s why
this machine excels at making lattes and cappuccinos.

Mr Krabs says:

This is not a pump driven 15 bar machine. You can’t expect the same exact
results. This is closer in extraction to a Moka pot but with better
temperature and pressure control.

chris111690 says:

wow. I have this same model and I just fill up the espresso container.
press it down with a spoon, pour in my desired water level and turn it on
full brew. It never comes out that dark, like my local coffee shops do. I’m
definitely going to try this method.

Mr Krabs says:

Remember you also need to have a finely ground coffee to begin with.
Usually Walmart sells Cafe Bustelo, it needs to be ground about that fine,
or as fine as any other canned espresso ground coffee. And of course the
fresher the grind the better the coffee.

Mr Krabs says:

Actually in my opinion it will be better than Starbucks.Since they’ve
switched to super-automaticos, they produce watered down under-extracted
espresso. It happens because super-automaticos tend to grind coarser to
guarantee the machine doesn’t clog. Get a decent grinder like the Hario, a
49mm tamper and this machine and use good beans and you’ll be making better
macchiato’s at home because machiatos generally benefit from the stronger
espresso this machine brews due to higher extraction temps.

Mia Robles says:

That shot is burnt. Good shots are caramelized (as in caramel colored).
Espresso isn’t suppose to be bitter.

DrFrohman says:

Say, there isn’t much crema on the top… Is that supposed to happen?

Spencer Armada says:

that didn’t look like it was going to taste very well.

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