Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine Overview

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The Gaggia Classic is the best selling home espresso machine. Named in Consumer Digest 2011 edition as the best home model for the price. You can make Latte’…


Alex Jones says:

Damn Todd, all over the table…

Adam Byrtek says:

I’ve already given myself a Christmas present.

Sm1nts2escape says:

O man. I can’t wait to get one of these. The espresso looks very tasty…

Menard Lancaster says:

Why didn’t you take a close up when the coffee was made. I wanted to see
the aroma of the coffee.

queensalnd says:

good review thanks

LowFlyingTortilla says:

I’ve had mine for 15 years. Please make sure you have the instructions for
descaling and cleaning! It saves you a lot of trouble and money. The
descaling instructions are downloadable on the gaggia site.

Coffeetech1 says:

@KellanE05 A 58mm works perfectly

streamr89 says:

is there any significant difference between the Gaggia classic and Gaggia

Asif Khan says:

lol at the tension between these 2, are they married?

SeaBass85 says:

Lol… I had to watch this a couple times it was so funny

wholelattelovetv says:

The Gaggia Classic comes with a non-pressurized commercial portafilter. It
does come with both commercial baskets and pressurized double-walled

Christopher Swift says:

“Next time I’ll put the chrome tube back in.” “I appreciate that.”

Kel E says:

what size tamper are you using Tod

Erin says:

Is the portafilter pressurized?

TexasCoffee says:

Good coffee right out of the box – no futzing, no headaches! Best of all –
it’s reasonably priced.

buxilala says:

@wholelattelovetv Hi I am really interested also, i love a espresso with a
good layer of cream. which do you recomend?

wholelattelovetv says:

@teddyheavy, When choosing an espresso machine it is important to know what
is important to you. Both the Delonghi and the Gaggia are good machines.
With the Gaggia you will have more control over your shots. You will be
able to change the grind setting along with the tamp pressure which will
change up the shot quality.

jmsaltzman says:

@streamr89 The Classic has a 3-way valve to release the pressurized water
into the drip tray after brewing. Not sure if the Baby has that, but the
Baby has pushbutton control of how much water is pushed through the grounds
when brewing. Note: this video is stretched horizontally, making everything
wide. Weak.

teddyheavy says:

hi, i would like to ask because i a little bit confused here.i want to buy
coffee machine but i don’t know which 1 to decide either delonghi or
gaggia?could you make suggestion for me please..thanks in advance

wholelattelovetv says:

The Baratza Encore is a good value burr grinder.

grzpig says:

great video detailing technical aspects of the gaggia classic.

bruno galati says:

i have silvia v3 love it nuovo semenneli gritna chrome cost 900 dollers

Keith Merchant says:

I want to grind my own coffee and the Black and Decker burr grinder i
currently use can’t do espresso, but i don’t want to spend $250 on a burr
grinder. any suggestions on and appropriate burr grinder that’s a little
more affordable?

Octopussey says:

3:27 LOL!

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