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Biohazard Coffee CO: Amazon: 928 mg of caffeine per 12 once cup!
Biohazard Coffee has 928 mg of Caffeine per 12 oz. – claiming to be the world’s strongest coffee. Let’s test it out. GROUND COFFEE: WHOLE BEAN COFFEE:  Follow me on Twitter ► Follow me on Instagram ► Email me ► [email protected] Add me on Snapchat ► visit me online ►
Shop Pour-over Coffee Gear: Learn how to Make the World’s Best Pour Over Coffee at Home with 9 Quick Tips. LINKS: Coffee Infographic Guide – How to Make the Best Pour Over Coffee at Home – ABOUT POUR OVER: Pour Over Coffee Brewers take the creation of the morning cup of coffee and turn it into a ritual. All of the senses are involved in making the perfect morning beverage. This ritual can help you slow down, consider your day, and just breathe deeply for a few minutes as you craft your coffee. No digital displays, flashing lights, [More]
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Lose Weight For The Six Pack Abs You Deserve: Subscribe to Tom’s Channel – What’s up, It’s time to supercharge your coffee into the most energy-boosting, 100% fat-blasting drink that you can imagine. Let me break it down for you: MCT Oil Keto Coffee Recipe: -10 ounces of coffee (light roast preferred) 0:43 – Caffeine more than doubles levels of free fatty acids and ketones in the bloodstream. -1 tablespoon of MCT oil 1:21 – MCT’s go straight from consumption into digestion, then straight into the bloodstream. Causing increases in energy and fat mobilization. -1 teaspoon [More]
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