Here in the UK the larger supermarkets carry predominantly Kenco and Costa Coffee ranges in T-Disc form for the Tassimo coffee machines. However there is a far greater range of coffee (as well as other drinks!) on the Tassimo web site. In this video I review Seven very different and interesting coffees from both Carte Noire and Jacobs. Find out which of these have now become regular purchases. Here are the seven coffees I review: 1). Carte Noire Petite Dejeuner Classic 2). Carte Noire Crema Intenso 3). Jacobs Medaille D’Or 4). Jacobs Caffè Crema intenso 5). Jacobs Monarch 6). Carte [More]
In this video, I’ll be reviewing the Bosch Tassimo Vivy 2 Coffee Machine. Link to the machine : UK: US:
BOSCH Tassimo Caddy, Silver Edition Coffee Machine , Unboxing, Set Up & Demo
Product Features Tassimo T-Disc Variety Pack has a coffee for everybody T-Disc’s fit in Tassimo Home Brewing System Includes 14 Maxwell House Morning Blend T-Discs and 16 Maxwell House House Blend T-Discs
A perfectly smooth hot chocolate drink with the delicious creamy Cadbury taste, topped with an indulgent froth. Per serving = 265 ml
A delicately flavoured tea combining TWININGS green tea and the refreshing taste of spearmint. This exquisite infusion is ideal for drinking at any time of day. Try it with TASSIMO! Per serving = 200 ml cup size: large Food Information Nutrition Information 100g Energy – Ingredients Green tea and mint. Ingredients: Green tea, spearmint (10%), spearmint natural flavouring Net Quantity 40 GR e 40 g Product Features Tassimo Twinings Green Tea And Mint (16 servings) Twinings 16 servings Quantity: 1
Tassimo Twinings English Breakfast Tea, 16 T-Discs Product Features Each package includes 16 Twinings English Breakfast Tea T DISC, makes 16 servings Let your TASSIMO brewer be the barista and brew up a truly delicious latte. Each serving makes an 8 oz cup T DISC are exclusively made for TASSIMO brewers.
Experience the delicious combination of intense espresso with fine foam and a touch of chocolate – for an afternoon to enjoy. cup size: medium Product Features Tassimo Jacobs Cappuccino Choco (8 servings) Jacobs 8 servings Quantity: 1
Coffee maker bosch Klein 095435 Product Features Comes with a cup, saucer and spoon and 2 coffee pods Great for pretend play You can pour water into the single serve, pretend coffee Maker, listen to it brew and watch the “coffee” drip out
Indulge in the tempting combination of espresso, delicious cream liqueur flavour and creamy foam. Product Features Indulge in the tempting combination of espresso, delicious cream liqueur flavour and creamy foam. 16 T-discs = 8 servings Product may have European date format: dd/mm/yy
Babavoom T14 Tassimo Pod Holder is suitable for ALL Tassimo Pods, Big and Small, on all Levels and Columns. Never be restricted again, simply place any Pod (even the larger milk Latte Pods) anywhere on the holder with ease. Add hat professional touch, with a free chocolate shaker that conveniently slots into the center of the holder. Babavoom’s T14 has Two Levels with Four Tiers to each level and can hold up to a Massive 64 Pods and is mounted on a 360 Degree Rotating Base which makes selecting a pod from any of the levels and Tiers Extremely Easy. [More]
Product Features Founded in 1975, Second Cup is a proudly Canadian company that has been giving you an authentic Canadian café experience for years
Tassimo Milk Creamer, 16 T-Discs: Indulge yourself with an added layer of pleasure on your favourite Tassimo drinks. This T-Discs tops off any drink with a delicious creamy froth. Made from milk. , Ingredients:Tassimo Milk Creamer, 16 T-Discs: Lactose- and mineral-reduced ultrafiltered milk concentrate (84%), water, sugar (4.5%), salt, acidity regulator (E339). Contains: milk. , Pack contains:3 x 1 pack Tassimo Milk Creamer with 16 T-Discs for 16 servings Net weight: 352g / pack, 21.5g / T-Discs