Experience the delicious combination of intense espresso with fine foam and a touch of chocolate – for an afternoon to enjoy. cup size: medium Product Features Tassimo Jacobs Cappuccino Choco (8 servings) Jacobs 8 servings Quantity: 1
Tassimo Jacobs Caramel Macchiato, Rainforest Alliance Certified, 16 T-Discs (8 Servings): Kick back and indulge yourself with this delicious latte macchiato from Carte Noire. Sweetened with caramel flavour and topped with a velvety layer of creamy froth, it?s sure to please. This combination package includes 8 Jacobs Espresso T-Discs and 8 milk creamer T-Discs. Not suitable for first generation Braun Tassimo machines (produced before January 2007). Rainforest Alliance Certified stands for sustainable agriculture, which improves the living conditions in the countries where the coffee is cultivated and protects the Rainforest?s ecosystem. Servings per pack: 8 Cup size: 290 ml Zutaten:Tassimo [More]
8 T Discs gemahlener Röstkaffee und 8 T Discs ultrafiltriertes Vollmilchkonzentrat mit Zucker und Karamellgeschmack.
The TASSIMO Home Brewing System by Bosch makes one perfect cup at a time with the ease of T DISC technology. T DISCs are filled with fresh coffee or espresso grounds, tea leaves or milk creamer (which the system froths for the perfect cappuccino or latte). Slip in your favorite T DISC and in just about a minute, your brewer makes coffee (iced or hot), tea, cappuccino, latte, crema, mocha, espresso or hot chocolate just to your liking. Product Features A light-to-medium roast with a medium body JACOBS Kronung Coffee is exclusively imported from Europe for TASSIMO and is sure [More]
Tassimo Jacobs Caramel Macchiato 8 Portionen Product Features Tassimo Jacobs Caramel Macchiato 8 Portionen