It’s getting hot and given the situation, I think we will all miss stepping out to our favourite cafes and getting cold coffee. So why not make cafe style delicious cold coffee at home? In this video, I share THREE simple and easy recipes with you- 1) classic cold coffee 2) Oreo cold coffee 3) Kit-Kat cold coffee 🚨 Please note that I like my coffee strong and bitter and since we are already adding sweet things like Oreos and kit -kat, I have not added any additional sugar. If you like sweet coffees, you can add in sugar acc [More]
Tassimo Coffee T Discs – T-disc – Capsules – Pods – 44 Flavours To Choose From – Oreo
Brand New Product Features TASSIMO T-disc / Capsules, 37 FLAVOURS (46 T-discs)
Tassimo Twinings Fruits of the Forest Tea, 16 T-Discs: Teaming up with Twinings allows Tassimo to bring you this refreshing blend of fruit infusions in a T-Disc. The Twinings Fruits of the Forest T- Disc is a distinctive beverage, combining rosehip and hibiscus. Tassimo Twinings Earl Grey Tea, 16 T-Discs: There’s something essentially British about tea, and no tea could be more British than Earl Grey. A black tea, pale gold in colour with a delicate Bergamot flavour. Tassimo Twinings Green Tea & Mint, 16 T-Discs: A delicately flavoured tea combining Twinings green tea and the refreshing taste of spearmint. [More]