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3 Tim Hortons Hot Chocolate Rich and Delicious 17.6oz (500g) CanadaRich and creamy, warm and delicious, our classic Tim Hortons Hot Chocolate has been a favourite for years. Just mix with hot water for a chocolate treat the whole family can enjoy – anytime. Take a chocolate break with Tim Hortons! Product Features Perfect Gift From Canada Rich and creamy, warm and delicious Just add water Fun For The Whole Family
Experience the classic Tim Horton’s super “chocolatey” flavor in the morning. Just add to hot water or hot milk or hot soy milk or whatever your favorite beverage might be. You can even add other ingredients to make it even better – perhaps add chocolate syrup, a creamy whipped topping or drizzle on some chocolate syrup. A favorite with adults and kids alike. You can even make your own CafÌ Mochas, just combine a half cup of Tim Horton’s coffee and a half cup of Hot Chocolate. Finish off your special beverage with a whipped topping! Product Features Enjoy Tim [More]
Enjoy a rich and delicious treat, any time of the day with a Tim Horton’s French Vanilla Cappuccino. Make up a cup of rich, frothy flavored cappuccino anytime. Mix with hot water, warm milk or your favorite soy beverage. Treat yourself to the smooth, creamy French Vanilla flavor – the perfect way to relax and indulge. Product Features Perfect Gift From Canada Rich and Creamy, Warm and Delicious Enjoy a smooth, rich, French Vanilla flavor that can’t be duplicated Mix With Hot Water, Warm Milk Or Your Favorite Soy Beverage Fun For The Whole Family
Brand New Product Features Tim Hortons French Vanilla Cappuccino Beverage Mix – Two 16oz Cans – Imported from Canada 16 Ounces
You can make Delicious coffee at home without coffee maker in just 2-3 minutes. For ten cup of coffee use one pouch of BRU Gold, 10 spoon of sugar and little…
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