A perfectly smooth hot chocolate drink with the delicious creamy Cadbury taste, topped with an indulgent froth. Per serving = 265 ml
TASSIMO Cadbury Hot ChocolateLarge Cup Size1 x 16 Discs, 8 Servings Tassimo, Discover a world of varietyThere’s something for everyone Delicious Creamy Cadbury Hot Chocolate! A perfectly smooth hot chocolate drinkwith the delicious creamy Cadbury tastetopped with an indulgent froth Sit back, relax and enjoy.Exclusively for the Tassimo system“TASSIMO IntellibrewTM technology ensures that each sip is perfect in every way.Whether it’s an energising espresso, a revitalising herbal tea or a creamy hot chocolate,TASSIMO prepares every drink individually at the touch of a button – for the most delicious results. The machine automatically scans the barcode on each T DISC to [More]