La Pavoni Professional Lever Espresso Machine Overview

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It’s not only the iconic style of coffee machine and superior manufacturing that draws everyone to a La Pavoni Professional PL espresso machine. Their size and price is unmatched. Shop La Pavoni Professional Lever Espresso Machine 👉

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And the coffee machines of the La Pavoni Levers deliver it beautifully. Characterised as the classic lever machine, gain control over your desired flavour and strength with a brewing pressure gauge, exclusive to the Professional model of espresso machines. Capable of preparing 16 cups of coffee with a reliable 1.6L boiler, it’s made largely from cast brass. The La Pavoni is built to last.

La Pavoni Professional Lever espresso machines instructions:

Fill the boiler and wait no more than 5 min for it to heat up.
Fill the single or double basket with freshly ground coffee and tamp.
Insert the portafilter into the group-head of the coffee maker
Lift up the lever to begin pre-infusion of the coffee
Begin pressing down on the lever for espresso brewing
Use the pressure gauge to control flow and extraction
Complete the full press and enjoy your full flavoured espresso shot.

La Pavoni espresso machines have been produced for well over a century, ever since the founder of the company acquired the patent all the way back in 1905. Originally produced on a small scale in Milan, over the years the company has grown to become one of the best known Italian coffee brands.

However, this rich history is not all there is to be said for the La Pavoni brand. Pioneers in production techniques including the use of thermoplastics, the company combines its extensive experience with an outlook focussed on innovation, research and excellence. Great attention has been paid to ergonomics, as well as to research into new technological developments. Alongside the more traditional lever and semiautomatic machines, La Pavoni introduced electronic machines and have incorporated volumetric dosing across some of the range.

Catering to both the domestic and commercial markets, they have a staggering array of products on offer. For the home coffee lover or cafe owner, a choice of lever, semi-professional, combined and manual machines ensure there is something for everyone, from the traditionalist to the connoisseur in a hurry. Not every La Pavoni espresso machine’s for sale, however; an original version of the La Pavoni Professional Espresso Machine is on permanent display in the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

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