How To: 5 Flow Profiles for E61 Group Espresso Machines

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Learn how to use 5 different flow profiles to improve espresso and expand capabilities of E61 group espresso machines. Get profile graphs and see them in action! Profiles for: 1. Fresh from roast specialty coffee 2. Dark roast and bean blends 3. Coffee shots/filter coffee 4. Sweet bump 5. Manual lever extraction. Plus, learn how to calibrate a Flow Control to know your flow rates by valve position.

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Dual Boiler espresso with flow control
ECM Synchronika:
Profitec Pro 700:
Profitec Pro 600:

Heat-Exchange with flow control
Profitec Pro 500:

Single Boiler PID
ECM Classika:

E61 Flow Control Upgrade Kits

Acaia Scales:

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