Recipe for healthy and skinny iced coffee with no sugar or dairy. Only 27 calories.
On a cold, blustery day, try a Café Viennese with a good book… a fireplace… or even just some good company. Don’t be surprised if this flavored instant coffee ends up becoming one of your favorite comfort foods! What To Use: 1 cup instant coffee 2 cups instant hot cocoa mix 2 cups powdered creamer 1 ½ cups sugar 1 teaspoon cinnamon ½ teaspoon nutmeg What To Do: Mix all the ingredients together thoroughly, and then store in an airtight jar or container. When you’re ready to make the coffee, use about 3-4 heaping teaspoons per cup of boiling water. [More]
Simple recipe for Vietnamese egg coffee, mostly found in Hanoi, Vietnam. The recipe also sounds quite strange because you are whisking an egg yolk to frothy goodness with sweetened condensed milk (not straight sugar), but it was the one given to me by my host family and more importantly I’ve tried it here at my apartment and it works. Egg coffee for all!
When I had the chance to try the new Gevalia single-serve cups, I was all over it. I tried the Signature Blend and it is delicious. It has such a rich flavor but is not too strong or bitter for me. I love being able to use my Keurig with Gevalia in the mornings to make myself the perfect cup of coffee. I am not someone who drinks my coffee black so I am always making a new coffee recipe with different creamers, sauces, etc. I make a new Caramel Coffee recipe using the New Gevalia Signature Blend coffee and [More]
a simple cortado now this is something that’s kinda getting trendy in here (it’s kind of the shit in NYC), so you’ll probably see more of it later in the year. a cafe cortado is basically an espresso with a bit of warm milk. the ratio is crucial though, otherwise you’ll end up with a cafe con leche (super mild coffee with milk). i like using a 1:1 ratio of coffee and milk. to make it, start by preparing a cup of espresso, while that’s going, heat up your milk and foam it (with a machine or one of those [More]
Slow Cooker Mocha Coffee gives you the chance to have a crock pot full of chocolate flavored coffee for your family and friends.Perfect for any special day.
Maybe something you can do with your leftover Christmas candy after all. Homemade candy cane syrup mixed with a spiked eggnog latte. Candy canes aren’t just for hanging on the Christmas tree. Let them simmer on the stove and you can create a sweet and simple candy cane syrup that’s perfect for coffee cocktails.
This little beauty was unbelievably delicious, I think I have met my soul mate. If you try only one of our Keurig Kcup recipes- this is the one.
This homemade latte will sure save you money in the long run and it is a great treat for after dinner. Instant espresso saves you a step.
Basic Bulletproof coffee recipe. 500 ml of plunger coffee ( I personally use L'affare Primo ). 25-50 grams of pure UNSALTED grassfed butter (I'm fortunate enough to live in New Zealand most dairy is from grassfed cows.
When you're entertaining at home this fall, don't leave the flavors of the season exclusively on the dining room table. Impress your friends (and warm them up) with a hint of apple, cinnamon, and ginger with the after-dinner coffee. This simple …
kitchentreaty Kitchen Treaty website shares a refreshing cold brewed iced coffee recipe. This recipe is extremely strong – a concentrate so please dilute.
Easy vietnamese iced coffee recipe. This vietnamese ice coffee recipe is made with sweetened condensed milk, espresso and ice. You can also use a coffee filter to drip the espresso.
The perfect way to warm up as the weather turns cold is a hot cup of coffee, but in any weather, coffee can always use a little spicing up!
Print Out this Irish Coffee Recipe. I thought you'd like to have this recipe for my Irish Coffee, as Christmas is around the corner and you might have far too much Irish Whiskey lying around the house but they're delicious at any …