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Apa itu French Press Coffee Maker? French Press Coffee Maker merupakan sebuah alat khusus yang berfungsi untuk menghasilkan minuman kopi asli yang beraroma dan bercitarasa kopi asli. French Press Coffee Maker sekilas memiliki tampilan yang serupa dengan cangkir biasa. Hanya saja body-nya lebih tinggi Alat ini terbuat dari material kaca tahan panas sehingga perlu berhati-hati saat menggunakan dan membersihkannya. Di bagian tutupnya yang terbuat dari metal terdapat pentolan yang dapat ditekan. Saat pentolan tersebut ditekan, batang metal yang ada di dalam cangkir akan ikut tertekan hingga ke dasar poci. Fungsinya untuk menekan serbuk atau biji kopi asli agar aroma dan [More]
Nescafe has a new instant cappuccino along with Nescafe gold. You may have your doubts about an instant cappuccino version of freeze dried coffee. Wonder no more. We tried both and here is a great video taste test by Coffee Artist. The result is a very sweet and surprisingly frothy cup of joe.
Review of Cuisinart’s MultiClad Pro stainless steel cookware set, model MCP-12N. Click here to see this set on Amazon (this helps me!): Pros: +Really good looking (I greatly prefer the brushed exterior over polished) +Set includes a lid that will fit each pan (not all at the same time, though) +Curved lip for easy pouring +Includes exactly the pieces I’d want +Overall build quality rivals that of sets costing 2x the price or more +Will probably last a lifetime Cons: -Does take a bit of work to get used to and maintain (proper preheating and use of oil as [More]
Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the Cuisinart SM-50BC Stand Mixer. LINK to Cuisinart Stand Mixer: The unit measures 14 inches tall by 7.5 inches wide and 13 inches deep. This mixer has a 500 watt motor and die-cast metal construction. This is the on/off speed control dial with 12 speeds, there’s a blue ring that lights up when the mixer is on. Remove the port cover on the head to connect attachments like a meat grinder or pasta maker. Use this locking screw to put the attachments on. To tilt the head back, hold the head and push down [More]
Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven LINK to Cuisinart: Watch Airfryer Reviews: I’ll make toast, french fries and chicken wings to test this unit. Use position 2, the top for broiling, airfrying and toasting. Position 1 is for baking. If you’re cooking a frozen pizza, you can put it directly on the rack in position 2. When baking, just like a regular oven, you can heat the unit up for 5 minutes, then put your cake or muffin batter in the oven and start the timer. Convection baking circulates hot air around [More]
Tips on how to use the self clean feature and how to change the charcoal water filter on a Cuisinart coffeemaker. Coffeemaker in the video is a Cuisinart DCC-1200 series. Click on the information icon in the video and vote on who makes the best coffee maker.
Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the Cuisinart 14-Cup food processor in brushed stainless steel. LINK to Cuisinart 14-cup Food Processor: It measures 15 inches tall and 10 inches deep and 7.5 inches wide. It weighs about 18.4 pounds so it is heavy. You’re not going to want to move this around often. A food processor this size is best for people who do a lot of slicing, shredding and cooking in general. The housing is plastic. The design is elegant, sleek and simple. There are two levers, one to turn on and process continuously and one to pulse and [More]
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Learn how to make Stomach Friendly Cold Brew Coffee (Low Acid) with French Press Coffee Maker. Using your French Press coffee maker to make cold brew coffee is not only a great money-saver hack but also gives you a low acid coffee (67% less acidity, in fact) that is both delicious and easy on your stomach. GEAR: Espro Paper Filter: Aerolatte French Press: Organic Coffee Beans: SHOP: * COFFEE GEAR – * FRENCH PRESS COFFEE MAKERS, COFFEE PRESSES – * STOVETOP ESPRESSO MAKERS, PERCOLATORS – * POUR-OVER COFFEE – * COFFEE GRINDERS – [More]
If you’ve been cleaning your French Press Coffee Maker with your hands, a spoon or other inappropriate item–stop! You’re probably leaving behind clingy coffee oils that interfere with the way freshly brewed French Press coffee should taste. SHOP: * COFFEE GEAR – * FRENCH PRESS COFFEE MAKERS, COFFEE PRESSES – * STOVETOP ESPRESSO MAKERS, PERCOLATORS – * POUR-OVER COFFEE – * COFFEE GRINDERS – * COFFEE TUMBLERS & TRAVEL MUGS – * MILK FROTHERS – * COFFEE KETTLES – * COFFEE ACCESSORIES – * BREW KITS & COFFEE GIFTS – [More]
Want to make a cafe-style milk coffee drink at home? With a few simple modifications, you can whip up foamed milk like a pro barista! In this video, Todd Carmichael shows you just how easy it is to make frothed milk with a French press. Enjoy watching Todd’s shenanigans on video? Stay tuned for Dangerous Grounds Season 3, airing later this spring! Music Credited to “Buffalo” by Growl.
See our preferred brewing method, the French Press, presented by Major Cohen.
There are many ways or methods for brewing coffee. One of them is the French Press method. This tutorial created to anyones who want to try using a French Press first time. Can be selected for those who do not like complicated because the appliance is very simple and affordable result was great. Good luck.
From “The French Press” EP, out now on Sub Pop Records. Follow Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever: For more new music, follow my weekly spotify playlist “Compact Cassette” ( Me: Lyrics: I’m alright if you ask me, but you never do Is this thing on? I’m coming to shoot from the side of Dirty Canal And I never felt better since I let it go You find out who your friends are when the city’s cold You speak like a child And I’ve been reading the French press And I’ve been disconnected People used [More]