Sunbeam Cafe series coffee machine cleaning with espresso machine cleaning tablets

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Mindy Saini says:

You’re a Kiwi aren’t you? Thanks so much for this video! I’m from Australia
by the way. So big thanks from Australia here! Funny enough, I’ve never
been to NZ yet, but I pronounce ‘this’ the exact same way. No idea why
haha. :)

عندليب الخريصي says:


badabing70 says:

Great video. Thanks. I bought the descaling tablets today. Is it the same

Lesley Kuliukas says:

Your house is cleeeean

flykiggas says:

good video but could be half the length…time is money

SkylineToTheSeaAndMe says:

Though Sunbeam is not a high-end name, that looks like a very high quality
machine. I have a Saeco Royal Professional, but honestly I think
semi-automatics make better espresso. Can you buy this machine in the

Phil Hall says:

Had to be a New Zealander, didn’t he?

Warren Hancock says:

Had one of these for 4 years. Finally gave up last October. Was quoted $600
to repair as one of the thermoblocks had rusted out. Ended up buying the
new Breville double boiler. I thought the Sunbeam made great coffee but the
Breville leaves it for dead. Have it set to turn on automatically each
morning. Don’t get me wrong, the EM6910 served me well for 4 years but now
it’s dead it was time to move further up the chain. In a few years when
this dies I will probably buy a Rocket of Vibiemme.

l4gtimes says:

Where’s the “X” in eSpresso?? It’s unbelievable how often this wor gets

RichardCranium365 says:

Do yourself and toss the candyass rubber disk and get a simple blind basket
that will fit your portafilter. THEN buy backflush detergent as it’s much
cheaper than those tablets and can be used to soak all coffee wares. says:

If anyone in the USA wants this model it’s available at Amazon and it’s
rebadged as a Krups XP618050 for $599. Search Amazon for Krups XP618050

Lachie Robinson says:

dude…espresso. not expresso! also the group head is the part on the
machine that the water comes out of. the part with the filter basket in it
is called the group handle

BanjomanMike says:

@SkylineToTheSeaAndMe Sunbeam is an Australian company, so their products
are huge in Aus. and N.Z. Not sure if they can be bought in the states, but
I’m sure you could buy from Sunbeam Australia and have them shipped; in
N.Z. we buy things on-line from the states all the time. If you are
interested, this is the EM6910 (or previous EM6900), the top of the Sunbeam
range, and it consistently out performs other brands (including name brand
Italian machines) costing way more, in taste tests.

Radknight says:

This machine is pretty awesome especially for the size and price. It makes
better espressos than my brother in laws $3000 machine. Could just be the
person making it and the beans too. I am told you can use professional
group handles as well just in case you want to swap them out between making
multiple coffees. Very impressed. Good video BTW.

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