LIKE-SUBSCRIBE- & SHARE!!! 📣📣📣📣 In this video I share with you how to fix your keurig compact when all the lights are flashing or all the lights to you keurig are on. SUBSCRIBE if you are new! __ HERE IS MY CURLY HAIR ROUTINE About Mamm Kara Hi fellow friends I’m Shackara and I’m a shy but energetic Wife mom and aunt! I love to build relationships, motivate, and even clean! Some think I’m OCD but I don’t think so 🤣 I’m always on the go but I’m try to find balance. I would love for you to [More]
Our Keurig K35 started dispensing slower and slower. Then it quit entirely. All lights on, water heater boiling, no water coming out, only a few drops. Remove the top cover and clear out the valve section above the needle. Super easy, took only a minute. I didn’t find any solutions for this model, so I’m sharing.
Unless its Christmas, I’m not trying to see this many lights on at one time. This quick video gets you from caffeine decline to full cup in no time!
Written by Gwen Bunn Produced by Gwen Bunn, Sam Collier, Matthew Dunlap “Turn The Lights Out” from Gwen Bunn’s debut EP, “The Verdict”. For more insight on Gwen’s artistry and her music visit: Written/Arranged/Produced by Gwen Bunn