Follow this link and use code SPENCER for 15% off your order! _ 00:00 The Pugh Household’s Starbucks Routine & Cost-Cutting Quest 00:49 Discovering the Ultima Cosa Espresso Machine 01:12 Unboxing & First Impressions: Ultima Cosa Espresso Machine 02:15 In-Depth Comparison: Features, Quality, and Performance 06:20 Taste Test: Brewing with Ultima Cosa 09:42 Switching Gears: The Breville Experience 13:31 Final Thoughts & Verdict: Is Ultima Cosa Worth It? 15:32 Post-Review Reflections and Recommendations _ #UltimaCosaCoffee #espresso #coffee _ i want to use whatever gifts i have received to serve others, as a faithful steward of God’s grace in its [More]
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The Costco #Exclusive Sur la Table Espresso Machine doesn’t need to purge after steaming. Machine: Bottomless portafilter: Dosing funnel: Filter screens: Tamping mat:
With most creative endeavours, we end up having to be concerned with way more than the key parts that we fell in love with. Once we get a certain amount of the way into things, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the tasks before us, the infinite number of options to consider, the incredible amount of focus and time required of us, etc.. How do we navigate this? How can we slim things down? And how can we maximize our efforts to stay on track and get results in line with our creative vision? ————————— VENNS • Team Sports EP [More]
Want to know how to clean a Keurig coffee maker in under 5 minutes? It’s time to do a maintenance cleaning if your Keurig is not working. And once you know how to clean a Keurig coffee maker you’re guaranteed a great cup each day. Keurig maintenance cleaning is daily and quick. But a clogged Keurig or a “broken Keurig” is a sign of descaling problems. Here’s how to descale a Keurig on single-serve coffee makers. Today’s #AskaHouseCleaner sponsor is Savvy Cleaner (Your one-stop shop for professional cleaning tips.) #Keurig, #Coffee *** RATE THIS SHOW *** *** RATE THIS [More]
Link To Purchase With a FREE 24 Pack of Coffee: This is a video of my Keurig K65 Special Edition Coffee Maker & a review of why you sh…