So fluffy! 😍 Have you tried the Whipped Fluffy Coffee trend everyone has been talking about (TikTok Coffee)? ☕️ Making Fluffy Dalgona Coffee is super fast, easy, and fun with your #BlendJet ❤️ Get your #BlendJet portable blender and JetPack smoothies here: INGREDIENTS ¼ cup of hot water ¼ cup of cane sugar ¼ cup of instant coffee (must be instant) ½ cup of oat milk ¼ cup of ice DIRECTIONS 1. Add the following ingredients to your BlendJet: hot water, cane sugar, and instant coffee (must be instant coffee). Blend for 2 to 3 cycles, until light and [More]
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As slam o Alikum!! In this video I am sharing Nescafe Coffee recipe without electric beater or machine. Make perfect Cappuccino at home by follow this easy recipe with only 3 ingredients. Try this easiest and quick recipe and let me know in the comment section if it was helpful. Dont forget to like and subscribe🔔 to my channel for more recipes! Thank you… Ingredients: *  2 tbsp Coffee *  4 tbsp Sugar *  4 tbsp hot water *  2 Cup Boil Milk Seving: 2 Cup Coffee Instructions : * In a bowl add coffee, sugar with and 2 tbsp of water [More]
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