In this Part 1 of 2 series we explain how to replace a failed power transformer. As we mentioned in our in Troubleshooting Guide the power transformer often fails due to water leakage from a solenoid that sites above (in most models). The solenoids can develop leaks around their seals with the internal water tubing and these leaks can then over time result in the power transformer failing. This video, like a number of others, assumes you have the outer casing or cover off your Keurig. If you aren’t at this stage yet please go to that video; it sets [More]
:::Caution::: Unplug and let unit cool and unplug it before attempting repair… I am not responsible if you damage the unit or catch your cat on fire… Just what the title says how to fix the no pump issue.
The machine stopped dispensing water, and the shower screen was stopped up and the screw that help it in was seized up. after it was fixed…
This video shows you how to fix a squeaky group head lever on the Rocket espresso machines. The video also applies to all most E61 group head machines.
I broke the switch and ended up with 4 screws left over but it works better than it has in a long time so what did I lose?