"Sboly" Single Serve Coffee Maker Review | Best Single Serve Coffee Maker For Office And Home.

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In this single serve coffee maker review I will do a full review and demo of the features that make this one of the best single serve #coffee maker for office and home! Why spend twice as much for a #keurig coffee maker when you can have the best of both worlds using ground coffee or a kcup with the Sboly single serve #CoffeeMaker!

What’s great about the Sboly 2 in 1 #CoffeeMachine is that you can brew coffee with a k-cup or similar coffee pod AND you can brew coffee traditionally with the included coffee filter! One of the reasons I chose the Sboly coffee maker is because they include a lid for the traditional coffee filter so you don’t get coffee grounds all over the place. Pro Tip: Be careful some of the other single serve coffee makers do not include a lid. You also get a removable blue tray that shows you how much water you need for a specific size cup of coffee. The sizes range from 6oz to 14oz.

After looking around on amazon at all of the single serve coffee makers and there are a lot of them….I kept coming back to the Sboly 2 in 1 Coffee Maker and let me tell you why.

Size – I really like the size. Its perfect for the kitchen counter because it doesn’t take up too much space. See how it compares to a regular grind and brew coffee maker? It would also be a great work or office coffee maker because its compact and its quiet and portable. Just plug it into an outlet and in 3 minutes you have coffee. Because of its size it makes the best coffee maker for college students and the best single serve coffee maker for office.

Automatic Shutdown – The Sboly single serve coffee maker has an automatic shutdown feature so that when your coffee is done brewing the sboly shuts off preventing any accidents from happening from accidentally leaving the coffee maker on.

2 Ways To Brew – One of the great features of the Sboly coffee maker is that its also a 2 in 1 coffee and tea maker! You can brew a kcup or traditional coffee or tea. Its very easy to switch between the two. Also if you are going to make traditional coffee they include a max fill line so you know exactly how much coffee you need for the perfect cup.

Auto Cleaning – And the most important feature that made my decision on this coffee maker is that it has an auto cleaning feature. The manufacturer recommends to run a de-scaling solution or vinegar through the machine using the auto cleaning feature every 2 months or every 200 cups but you can also run just clean water through it every few cups to keep it extra clean.

Sboly Coffee Maker Link To buy – https://amzn.to/2ZlWIgX

K-Cup Holder Replacement – https://amzn.to/2WDWOig

Replacement Water Lid – https://amzn.to/2AE1Um9


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