Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker Review

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Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker. LINK to Mr. Coffee 12-cup Coffeemaker:
LINK to Permanent Filter: It measures 13 inches tall, 7.5 inches wide and 9 inches deep. The unit comes with a glass carafe, removable filter basket, water filtration disk, holder and instruction manual. You can use paper filters or buy a permanent filter separately. It comes in chrome and this red. It looks beautiful and modern.
The glass carafe hold a maximum of 12 cups. This is the water window, you can see how much water is in the reservoir. This is the on/off indicator light. This button is for delay brew, you can set it up to 24 hours ahead to brew coffee. There’s a freshness timer that tells you how long your coffee has been sitting in the pot. The brew strength selector lets you customize your cup of coffee. There is auto-pause so you can pull out the carafe even while the coffee is brewing and not have it drip everywhere. The unit shuts off automatically after 2 hours in case you forget to turn it off. The basket comes out for easy cleaning. The carbon based filter is supposed to remove up to 97% of chlorine from your water. I use filtered water so I don’t need to use this filter, it’s up to you whether you want to use this or not. Cord storage in the back.

If you want a thermal carafe to keep coffee hot longer, buy it separately, it is compatible with this unit.

Before using, clean machine first – do not use the filter. Run equal parts vinegar and water through the machine. I used 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup water. Then I ran 2 pots of water one at a time. Let’s make coffee. 3 beeps when coffee is ready.The coffee is weak using the regular or strong brew strength.

Right now this unit is about $30. You’re getting a lot of features and a 12-cup size coffeemaker for that price. The Mr. Coffee makes hot coffee. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend it because it makes weak coffee. I hope you found this review helpful. Please subscribe for more reviews and I’ll see you next time 🙂

** I was not paid by any company for this unbiased review **


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