Chemex Coffee Maker Review: Functional, or just Funky?

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The Chemex Coffee Maker: Is it functional, or just stylish? In this video, we walk you through the iconic Chemex coffee brewer, with notes and tips on using this classic pour over coffee maker.

Chemex :

The Chemex has been an icon not only for great coffee, but also for mid-century design, since its introduction in 1941. But does this mad-scientist-meets-Danish-modern design brew a cup of coffee that’s as good as it looks?

But we’ll also show you its significant coffee-brewing prowess, and offer some tips on how to get the best cup you can out of it. We’ll lay out the tricks for using its unique, proprietary filters, give you the details on grind size and brewing techniques, and even cover some of the weaknesses inherent in the design (and how to work around them).

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