Beautiful Coffee Maker by Drew Barrymore: An Honest Review

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00:00 – Meet the Tester
00:13 – Details
00:41 – Pricing
00:49 – Built-in grinder
01:15 – Customizable
01:34 – Stylish and Slim Design
01:55 – Spacious Water Tank
02:11 – Brewing is slow
02:42 – Cleanup can be tedious
03:03 – Overall: Pros / Cons
03:19 – Should you buy the Beautiful Coffee Maker?
03:45 – Outro

The Beautiful Perfect Grind is a no-brainer for anyone looking for a low-effort and budget-friendly coffee machine that also delivers a quality brew.

We were surprised by how well this machine can churn out tasty cups of both hot and iced coffee, and it requires no learning on the user’s end. The built-in grinder works well to achieve fragrant and fresh coffee, and the design is slim and stylish enough to suit any kitchen—even a somewhat crowded one.

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