Pour over coffee brewing – step by step using a cone dripper (V60)

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Here is a guide showing you how to brew a delicious coffee using a cone dripper such as Hario V60, Kinto, or similar.

The classic Hario V60 dripper has unique spirals on the interior of the cup, allowing extra air flow through the thin filter papers leading to a crisper, cleaner coffee finish.

With this profile for our coffees we generally aim for an extraction yield of 19% and TDS of 1.36.

Equipment: Hario V60 or similar, scale, timer, grinder, coffee pitcher
Brew Time: around 2:00 min
Water: 260g filtered water at 94 C

Step by step:

1. Place your dripper on the pitcher. Rinse the filter with hot water. It helps to remove the paper taste from the coffee. Then remove the rinsing liquid.

2. Use16 grams of coffee to grind on a slightly finer filter grind. Distribute the coffee evenly into the dripper. Rare your scale and start the timer when you’re ready.

3. Start out with a gentle pour. Allow the water to spread out and gently follow it out to the edges. Ensure the coffee bed is evenly wet. The “bloom’” should be done in 30 seconds with double the amount of water.

4. At 30 seconds begin to pour again, starting with slightly more velocity to ensure all the coffee bed is immersed in water quickly. Pour out in circles to the edges to achieve this before gently returning to the center of the coffee. Remain to pour gently and slowly in the center as close to the coffee bed as possible. You should reach 200 grams of water in 1 minute of brew time.

Continue with a slow and steady pour in the center of the coffee bed. Reaching 260 grams of brewing water in a 1.40 of brew time. The brew should be complete and stop running through shortly before 2 minutes and the final brew should yield 225 grams.


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