KEURIG K EXPRESS How To Clean / Descale With Keurig Descaling solution HOW TO Turn OFF DESCALE LIGHT

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How to get your Descale light to go out. How to turn off Descale Light. I show you how to clean / descale your Keurig K-Express Essentials Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, Black. Walmart # 587409421. To Buy on Amazon use this link
I show you the descaling procedure right out of the quick start guide from Keurig. How to turn off your descale light. This Keurig has a descaling mode you have to put the machine in and complete it step by step in order for the descale light to go out. I show you how much Keurig Descaling solution to use and how much water. what the ratio is 1 to 1. I show you how to do the fresh water rinse to compete the descale mode. How to get descale notification to go off. Your coffee maker will turn on the descale light after 250 brews. I show you how to activate the descale mode by pressing the 6oz button and the 10oz button with the power button off. How to fix when the add water light will not go out during descale. the descale mode has a glitch or fault. when you are done running the descale agent throughout the coffee maker you are suppose to refill the water reservoir with fresh water then the add water light should go out. It goes out and then comes right back on. I show you how to fix this by removing about 1/2 the water out of the reservoir and reinstall the water resiveroe and the light should go out. Then fill up the reservoir with water to finished the descale procedure.


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