HOW TO DESCALE / CLEAN Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker Step By Step Using Vinegar For Beginners

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I show you how to clean descale Keurig K Classic Coffee Maker. Is your Descale light on. How to get your Descale light to go out. Is your coffee not as hot. Is your coffee tasting bad. I show you how to fix your Keurig To get good tasting and hot coffee again. How to clean the inside of your Keurig coffee Maker k Classic. I use Distilled White Vinegar from Walmart to clean your coffee maker. Step by Step according to the Keurig manufacturer instructions. I show you what to do if your descale light is on. How long it will take and how much vinegar to use. and how much water to use. Does your Keurig coffee maker take a long time to heat up and turn on. This means it is time to clean / descale it. I show you how to fix this.


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