Review Elektra Art S1 Spring Piston Lever Espresso Machine and Il Caffe Manaresi

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Something completely different: This Elektra single spring piston lever machine is priced between the manual lever machines from Pavoni ($600-$1.200) and the commercial double spring piston lever espresso machines, manufactured by Bezzera ($2.100+).
What do you get for your money? A lot!
Please watch our review of the Elektra ART S1 which comes in three colors: Chrome, or Chrome with Brass, or Copper with Brass. For questions or our starter kit, including pitcher, thermometer, espresso cups/saucers, Il Cafe Maneresi Espresso beans or ground, water treatment documention and testing tool, please call us 800 746 6174, text 615 419 0900 or visit our website


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