lidl silvercrest espresso machine review unboxing

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So first full disclosure…I returned it. However, I did not return if for fault of failure of the machine. I returned it because the labor involved just is not conducive to my lifestyle. I am clumsy by nature and coffee is a convenience for me.

This would be perfect for anyone wanting to find out if they like making espresso at home and do not want to spend a lot of money on that kind of experiment.

It comes with the machine itself a portafiller, 2 baskets (single and double). milk steamer…all the basics. It has a drip reservoir, and the spoon doubles as a tamper.

The operation is relatively simply, but it does require some level of practice to get the coffee tamped in tight.

You must run a couple full tanks of water through to clean out the machine before use. The reservoir is marked as dishwasher safe, but I would not chance it.

It does not come with a milk steaming carafe, and the clearance is pretty low so watch out for splatter when steaming milk.

All in all. It would make a great gift for someone…and if they end up not using it then it only costs 60 bucks…if they love it…save for a better model and upgrade later.


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