How to Clean The Breville Barista Touch Espresso Machine and Grinder

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Follow along as I walk through all the cleaning process for the Breville Barista Touch! This particular machine makes this process quite simple, as each step is guided along on the touch screen. Some of the processes have little annoyances and details that I think are helpful to know before you go through it all.

Check out my full video on this machine:
If you want to skip forward, click on the sections below.

Sections of the cleaning guide:
Introduction/What You Need – 00:27
The Cleaning Tools – 7:02
Cleaning the Grinder – 10:10
Cleaning the Grouphead and Portafilter – 25:22
Descaling – 36:52
Cleaning the Steam Wand – 49:28
Conclusion/Summary – 54:10

Get spare parts, including all cleaning products (except the grind tablets) here :

Grindz (tablets to clean the grinder):

Durgol Descaler:


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