Espresso Machine E61 Brew Group Maintenance and Rebuild

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Learn how to maintain and rebuild E61 brew groups. This in depth video takes you step by step through a complete tear down and rebuild of E61 espresso machine brew groups. Includes maintenance of flow control and non-flow control mushroom valves.

00:00 Introduction
01:00 Tools Required
01:19 Parts
02:15 Remove Mushroom
03:20 Remove Lever
05:00 Lever Cam
05:25 Lever Shaft Seals
08:50 Cam Maintenance
10:15 Lower End
14:00 Exploded View of Group Parts
14:20 Reassemble Parts
14:45 Spring Identification
15:45 Dolphin Sound?
17:10 Interior Scale Check
18:50 Water Tap Scale Check
19:30 Attach Lower End
20:28 Cam Insertion
21:58 Upper End Assembly
22:45 Mushroom Valve Types
23:20 Flow Control Mushroo
26:30 Flow Control Assembly
27:50 Flow Control Calibration
30:10 Teflon Seals
30:25 Mushrooms Non-FC
32:48 Mushroom Seals
33:40 Leak Tests

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