Comparision Of Breville Espresso Machines

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Breville is known for designing the most user-friendly and cleverly constructed espresso machines and coffee makers on the market, seamlessly blending the best of super-automatic technology with the experience of brewing manually. For anyone looking for the best possible value in an espresso machine, or a more gentle learning curve without any compromise in drink quality, look no further than Breville. Visit our Breville home page below for more info!

Join our Introduction and Advanced Espresso courses!

Introduction To Espresso Course

Advanced Espresso Course

0:00 Intro
0:15 Bambino
1:44 Bambino Plus
2:28 Barista Express
4:03 Barista Touch
5:58 Barista Touch Impress
7:10 Dual Boiler
9:40 Oracle Touch


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