How to Steam Milk for Latte Art on the Delonghi La Specialista

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In this video, I show you four tips for how to steam milk better for latte art, specifically with the Delonghi La Specialista Arte home espresso machine. It is important to use fresh whole milk, get the angle just right, use the two pitcher method, and for fun, to use some cacao powder. Check below for more information.

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► Bigger, 20 oz or 600ml Milk Pitcher:

► Cacao Shaker:

The way handy scale with timer:

Robust Knock Box:

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0:00 Intro
0:26 Prerequisites to Steaming Milk
1:05 Steaming on the Delonghi La Specialista
2:11 2 Pitcher Trick
2:30 Latte Art

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