Delonghi Magnifica Evo | How to clean and maintain

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You can skip to:
Cleaning the spout (00:18)
Cleaning the milk bottle (00:26)
Cleaning the drip chamber (00:59)
Emptying the pulp bin (01:12)
Descaling (01:25)
Cleaning the coffee filter (03:57)
Replacing the water filter (04:47)

This is a video on all the cleaning and maintenance tasks you need to do to keep your delonghi magnifica evo coffee maker running smoothly. Keeping your magnifica evo operating optimally requires you to clean the milk bottle, emptying the pulp bin properly, regular descaling, and cleaning the coffee filter.

I hope this video will also help anyone who is still contemplating on getting the Magnifica Evo. This should give an idea of how easy or taxing a cleaning task would be, which in turn could be factored in the decision making process.

Personally, I think it’s very easy to maintain. There’s several things to do to keep it clean, but each one of them don’t take too much time and effort. Cleaning the milk bottle of the delonghi coffee maker takes like a minute. Descaling the magnifica evo machine is probably the most taxing one, but that’s normal with all coffee machines I think. I also think cleaning the coffee filter is a cool process with all the snapping off and snapping on.


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