Sudden Coffee Review (high-end instant coffee)

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A quick review of Sudden Coffee (, a new brand of high-end instant coffee. It’s not nearly as cheap or accessible as Starbucks VIA or Nescafe, but it’s much tastier than either and is made out of a proprietary process that preserves the quality of the bean. In this case I’m using Sudden’s July 2016 bean, which Ethiopian Biftu Gudina (the coffee cooperative) from 49th Parallel Roasters, specifically their Ethiopia Deri roast.

Verdict: I’m a fan. It’s not a match for a high-end cup of drip coffee or whatever your top-notch local shop is serving, but Sudden is a big step up from your coffee K-cups or airplane coffee. This is a great option for office use or for traveling.

How to make instant coffee: Mix 250ml (8 oz) hot or cold water with one vial of Sudden coffee. Mix until the coffee is completely dissolved. That’s it!

Cup used in the video: Keep Cup cork

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