Nespresso Vertuo Next Review | An upgrade from the VertuoPlus coffee machine?

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An in-depth Nespresso Vertuo Next review to help you decide if you should buy it?

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We also ask if it’s worth replacing your VertuoPlus machine with the Vertuo Next machine?

Many questions you might have about the Vertuo Next coffee machine answered include…

Is it any good?
Is it better than the VertuoPlus?
How does it open and close?
How long does it take to make coffee?
Is the lid motorised?
What is the Vertuo Next made of?
How long does it take to heat up?
Is it recyclable and is it eco-friendly?
Is it made of recycled plastic?
Does it make a hot coffee?
What size coffee does it make?
Does it make espresso, double espresso, gran lungo, mug and alto size coffee?
What is the barcode for on the Vertuo capsules?
Does the shelf slide up and down and change position?
Where are the used pods stored?
Does the water tank move around from side to side?
What is the crema like on the Vertuo Next?
Does it connect to the Nespresso app?
Is the Vertuo Next a stable machine?
Are there any air holes on the capsule holder to dry out capsules?
Is there an auto off feature?

Find answers to all these questions and more in our Nespresso Vertuo Next review!


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