Fellow Atmos Coffee Vacuum Canister Review

Fellow Atmos Coffee Vacuum Canister Review

The Fellow Atmos Coffee Vacuum Canister will store coffee beans in a vacuum seal & prolong the freshness of aromas & oils for the ideal brewing experience. Shop Atmos Coffee Canister 👉 https://alternativebrewing.com.au/products/fellow-atmos-coffee-vacuum-canister

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Fellow Atmos Coffee Canisters will keep your roasted coffee stored fresh for longer, airtight. It achieves this by removing oxygen from the Atmos Coffee Canister. Protecting your fresh coffee beans from moisture and odours whilst delaying the staling and ageing in the process. You don’t need to place them in the fridge again..

Roasted coffee beans effectively have a shelf life once roasted. Through the staling process you begin to notice the beans will first lose their natural fresh aromas followed closely by the sweetness and vibrancy of flavours associated with fresh beans.

The way in which the Fellow Atmos Coffee Canisters keeps airtight is through a unique integrated pump in the lid. This acts as a vacuum when you twist the lid on left and right. You’ll notice the vacuum light indicator turns green and gets pulled down once you achieve a solid vacuum seal in the container. When you’re ready to remove and use your beans, simply press down the airtight release button and hear the air get sucked back into the container.

The Silicone airtight seal stops anything from getting inside the container once sealed. You can add an extra layer of UV protection by upgrading from the clear glass canister to a stainless steel, matte black version that will effectively increase the life of your beans by 50%.

Now these canisters operate a little differently from most other airtight sealing containers by way of an integrated pump in the lid that sucks the air out, so it’s actively removing the oxygen from within the container as well as not letting any more in and prolonging the life of your stored foods.

The Fellow Atmos comes in 3 different styles, with Clear Glass, and the stainless steel Matte Black and Matte White. The Stainless steel models add a further layer of protection from harsh sunlight that will speed up the deterioration of roasted coffee.

Each style comes in three sizes, with a 0.4 , 0.7 and 1L container and they’re capacities to hold beans are 170, 280, 450 grams respectively.

Now there are no other pumps used or extra pieces to be replaced in using the Atmos.. You simply add your coffee beans to the container, place the lid on then begin to twist left and right on the cover to activate the vacuum and remove all the oxygen.

It’ll noticeably get harder to do so, but before then what will happen is the little button on top of the cover will sink in revealing a green dial that indicates you’ve created an adequate vacuum seal.

It doesn’t matter what you do here now – that lid is not coming off – and the silicon seal will hold for up to 4 days.

To simply get back into your beans, press the larger button up top and – the vacuum is released – so you can remove the lid and access your beans.

And this is a great way to store freshly roasted coffee beans so they don’t succumb to oxidation and staling too soon. Atmos containers can extend the shelf life and freshness of your beans by upto 50%.

Staling beans will generally lose first what we love most of all about coffee, putting caffeine aside here, it’s the beautiful rich aromas, the sweetness and liveliness to fresh beans and the oils, which play a large role in creating crema on your espresso.

in cleaning the unit,
Fellow designers get it just right here, although the Atmos is not dishwashers safe, the inside of the container has nice round edges at the bottom eliminating the ability of build-up in cracks… so using a damp cloth and it’s clean..
Taking especially good care of the seal in the lid.. If you find it is losing its vacuum strength over time, you can remove the gasket and fine filters, blow out any residue or dust from the valve and replace everything back together should do the trick.

I’d recommend not to store ground coffee or flours in the Atmos too. As this will clog up that vacuum lid and prevent a proper vacuum seal from forming.

And that’s the Fellow Atmos Coffee Vacuum Canisters for you. Fellow products are always well manufactured and the Atmos is a stylish and effective way to keep roasted coffee beans and other perishable foods fresher for longer.

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