Simple Cortado Coffee Recipe

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a simple cortado

now this is something that’s kinda getting trendy in here (it’s kind of the shit in NYC), so you’ll probably see more of it later in the year. a cafe cortado is basically an espresso with a bit of warm milk. the ratio is crucial though, otherwise you’ll end up with a cafe con leche (super mild coffee with milk). i like using a 1:1 ratio of coffee and milk. to make it, start by preparing a cup of espresso, while that’s going, heat up your milk and foam it (with a machine or one of those little foamers). slowly add the milk to the espresso and voila! so good. wanna go the extra mile? add a touch of fresh ground nutmeg on top. yum!

easy, yes? ok, all this coffee talk is no good when i actually don’t have one in my hand, so, wanna go grab one?


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