Restaurent Style Coffee in just 2 minutes with this trick|How to make Coffee

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Jumman Shaikh says:

maine banakar dekhi bahut badhiya coffee bani thi

Mohammed Zaid says:

Can powdered sugar be used instead of crystal?

- - says:

how come after intense stirring for 10 minutes my coffee doesn't turn into that light brown colour? mine's just dark

gerardo borunda says:

Is it instant coffee?

Mridula Singh says:

Preferable Water (hot or cool)?

Khatija Azhar says:

Kia hum brown sugar add kar sakte hain???

Pallavi Kamble says:

Easy and nice

Ruchi Jindal says:

Tooo good.i mk the same way

rohith kumar says:

I cant get the thick content

Shaba Khan says:

fetne me haalat kharab ho jati h.

Prince Pandey says:

Nyc….And thanks

Abhishek Biswal says:

Best learning way.

magic heal says:

It never bcomes fluffy in 2 minutes

Usama Abbasi says:

Coffee ky Kiya faida h pine ma please batae??????? Thanks

mandar janakwar says:

instead of sugar can we add honey??

vivek paul says:

Awesome Method

Ravindar Singh says:

wow kitna easy recipe hai mai toh aaj hi banaugi

Pankaj Sharma says:

Wow maja aa gaya..hurry……coffee ho to aisi…..

Ayan Sharma says:

wow di superb…..

bhavnita soni says:

2min tak fatne se itna fluffy nhi hota coffee batter.. Kam se kam 5-7min lagte hai and secondly apne batter banate time bahut pani dala hai.. U should have started with 1Tsp of water instead of 2tsp then gradually add more water as per the batter requirement. That is my practical experience. The method is a old practice to prepare tick creamy coffee.

Adil Nadeem says:

Does the color depends on various types of coffee's, i have a nescafe classic, and i can't get it to this brown color, and does it depends on liquid type? I use milk to shake rather than water.

rahil tanzeem says:

2 mmt me nhi hota

alone R says:

Channel subscribe nehi korungi.. jab tak ek cup coffee nehi pinugi haamko.

Nisa Baig says:

I will make this coffee today

Pramod Yadav says:

it is to good
it is to delicious

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