Make Perfect Coffee at Home – Tricks and recipe for homemade coffee

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You don’t need a coffee or espresso machine to make a perfect cup of coffee at home. Here is your recipe.

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MSJ da Tube says:

Make coffee in 30 sec check on my channel, ice video between.

prakaash lakhiani says:

*where are my socks.

Nikhil chauhan says:

Madam aap perfect cofee ke chkr m sugar kha rahe ho aur motey ho rahe ho, bs hogya boht …….

anurag parvekar says:

I'm gonna beat something else, LoL

Ali Abid says:

Thanks for Sharing !!

I will try .

Bag Obeans says:

I just want a cup of coffee, not coffee sauce! It seems more work than it is worth

Seann Erino says:

mixing coffee in boiling water, with a metal spoon.

Netaji Bairi says:

Looking okay what about taste

Gambler trump says:

Is it okay to get aroused by a lady making coffee or is it just plain weird?? Anyhw she is smokin hot to be honest!

The Brown Guy says:

oh yeah beat it ……… ohhhhh….. ahhhhhh .. was i too loud?

Ravi Baniwal says:

Your so beautiful

Amit gupta says:

hot coffee by hot cook


hot coffee 🙂 i am also drinking with same idea shown in the video … great taste …………. thanku

Pushkar chongbang says:

thank u so much aunty

Shohag Hasan says:

Cold coffee, black coffee, hot coffee; With beautiful selaphi! That's right. Tea and coffee, as well as our eating today has become a habit. If any of the coffee is the best coffee around so often.

Hamza Zulfiqar says:

aunty jee shukia tusan na baon baon

Gurpreet Singh Dharni says:

pretty girl..❤

Cool Guy4all2 says:

The stove was actually off. But the coffee was getting its heat from somewhere else. Boiling hot!

Sagar Rai says:

she is on fire.

P.A says:

its awesome how you put so much effort and time for one cup of coffee

jersey #17 says:

oh hell
you are so freaking hot!!!

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