How to: Three Ways to Cold Brew Coffee

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With a tiny bit of prep work, you can have smooth cold brew coffee in your life week after delicious week. We’ll show you how using three different techniques—a coffee press, a Mason jar and the Toddy® Cold Brew System.


Ridjaya says:

Simple but gold, thanks Starbucks.

Onix Junes says:

Why not just room temperature for 12-13 hours?

Apryl Macleod says:

These quick videos are the best. Just one comment. Do NOT steep your cold brew in the fridge. (Who wants coffee that tastes like onions?) Leave it on the counter for 12-24 hrs. out of the sun. Store it in the fridge after straining, however. It will be fresh for up to five days.

Mikko Kylmänen says:

How long would the cold brew product stay fresh in the fridge after it has been prepared (after the 16-20h period)?

eric vong says:

Love Starbucks coffee!! happy to know 3 different techniques specially from Starbucks, I am using your ideas to make my coffee and I store my delicious coffee in my new Thermal carafe like this, Thank you!!

Andrew Nicola says:

tutorials are so straight to the point, and totally underated. i liked it

Brooke Tay says:

Thank god you totally saved me I don't have a french press so luckily I can use a Mason jar thaank youu.

Rachel DeGouff says:

So I thought that cold brew was just the latest way to charge hipster kids more $$ for the same product, but now that I've tried it, I admit I was so wrong. It tastes worlds better than regular coffee, and supposedly is less acidic so it's better on your stomach!

Plus, I love this video for the fact that making it at home means fewer plastic cups, plastic straws and plastic lids!!

Xotchil Pedro says:

i need that shirt!

Daniel Martínez Olivas says:

Is there any reason for the Mason Jar to be closed with the cheesecloth in the fridge instead of its own lid?

Freddie Huang says:

Hi, Starbucks, thanks for the video!
I just made a batch using a jar and turns out it taste pretty light(pretty sour almost none bitterness) for some reason. According to many other videos, its should be a strong robust taste. I can only drink it without adding another flavor.

My coffee grind to water ratio is about 1:6 and sat in the fridge for 24+ hours.
I'm guessing it's the lightly roasted bean I'm using?

Julia Gomez says:

made it this weekend. So good !!

Norriko says:

Im sad to see this video has less views than other videos. Its so well made and shows 3 different ways to make cold brew coffee. I just finished watching a video with a guy who used a bunch of bowls and it had 300k views. sad

Mikhaahkim says:

The music is so good!

Vlad Fleury says:

Should the water be boiled?

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