Easy Cold Brew Coffee Recipe – COFFEE BREAK SERIES

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Cold Brew Coffee is so amazing
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Cold brew coffee is made by soaking coffee grounds in cold or room temperature water for an extended period of time. It has a sweeter flavor because you don’t get that bitter acidity you get when you brew it with hot water. You don’t need any fancy equipment to make cold brew coffee. All you need is a big jar, some delicious coffee beans and water!

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It’s really important to use quality coffee beans for your cold brew. Use either a robust medium or dark roast. I really like this blend from Tiny Footprint Coffee – Cold Press elixir #9: http://bit.ly/tinyfootprintcoffee

It’s has a combination of light and dark roasted beans specifically made for cold brew. Its bold but smooth and chocolatey. I especially like that this coffee’s fair trade, organic, and harvested with sustainable practices.

Cold Brew Coffee Recipe:

Ingredients –
– 3 cups filtered water
– 2/3 cup freshly ground Cold Press coffee beans
– Mason Jar
– Nut Milk Bag / strainer

Preparation –
I’ll start with a large mason jar and fill it with 3 cups of filtered water. Next, I’ll take ⅔ cup of fresh coffee beans and grind it into a medium to coarse ground. I’ll Add the ground coffee to my water and then I’ll top off the jar with more water. Then I’ll Make sure all of the coffee grounds are wet. I’ll gently punch down any remaining dry grounds into the water with the back of a spoon but being careful not to stir it up.

Finally I’ll seal it up air-tight and let it brew at room temperature for 6 hours or ideally overnight. Cold brew coffee’s natural sweetness is due to its lower acidity because it’s brewed with cold water rather than hot water.

I’ll strain it through my nut milk bag but you can use a fine mesh sieve if you prefer.

And there we have it, a beautifully concentrated cold brew coffee that will instantly re-energize your afternoon. I like to enjoy it over ice with with an equal serving of milk. Sometimes I’ll add a little bit of sweetener but like I said, it already has natural sweetness so I think it’s perfectly balanced. If you don’t use it up right away it will last in the fridge for up to two weeks.

Get this coffee: http://bit.ly/tinyfootprintcoffee

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rupesh mhatre says:

Presented nicely.

darkpolishes says:

Sweet girl xoxo

Jazzie Red says:

I make my cold brew in my French press.

Sonika says:

I can't figure out the ratio of how much to put in when making cold coffee along with the milk etc could you help

Christian Leon says:

Good coffee beans terrible coffee grinder What do?

jimmy jacobo says:

nice job making ice coffee

lol says:

Quick tip: For the best flavor leave it for 48 hours instead of 6

Franklin Hunt says:

how much coffee should i use if the beans are pre ground?

Kendrick Audrey says:

Umm i think it's better to stir it

debora mitchell says:

You are adorable.

Lewis Brown says:

i think i love you

Galih Jimadipa says:

may i know the name of the grinder you used in this vid ? thank you

Huidos001 says:

my bbc has a honeysuckle taste.

Tahir Shazaib says:

Why do you need to be careful not to stir?

Wolfshreeks says:

Loved the video 😀 Im totally going to try this yay!

Leah McGregor says:

cold brew is the shit!

decembrist says:

So is a 3-1 or 4-1 ratio?

Magnum says:

1 cup = how many ml ?

eve monel says:

Is that raw bean coffee or Roasted? Can i use raw bean coffee? Please Tell me whats the best coffee bean?

Austin Jasper says:

Try using a burr grinder. It's better then a blade grinder because the beans are ground at the same size.

Good Looking and Cooking says:

Cold brew has only just started to gain steam (get it) in South Africa… but I love it!!

Alina says:

hi there! does anyone know how much 2/3 cup of coffee beans would be ground ? i already grinded my beans 🙁

Hieu Phan says:

I just started watching your Coffee Break Series, your directions are so easy to follow. And you videos adorably cute, keep it up!! 😀

merryyuna86 says:

can i drink it as hot?

AllyCutie95 says:

Hi, I love your video!! I make DIY videos, hope you can check mine out 2!

Laurence Hoch says:

My cold brew coffee turned out less dark and concentrated but too watery, any suggestions?

K.HarrisParker says:

I have watched several cold brew videos and techniques, and everyone else says to not secure the lid on tightly because the gas needs to escape, yet you said to secure it tightly. What's the difference? Is it just a preference???

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