BEST ICED COFFEE | Easy Iced Coffee Recipe (Dairy Free)

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Today I’m sharing the BEST iced coffee recipe I’ve tried! This DIY iced coffee is dairy free and so delicious! If you’re looking for how to make iced coffee at home, you’ve got to try this easy iced coffee recipe!

CoolBrew Coffee Concentrate:
(At the time I’m filling out this description box, it looks like it’s out of stock on Amazon. Hopefully it’s restocked soon!)
Find CoolBrew locally:

Pacific Hazelnut Milk:
It’s also available from Vitacost here:
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You may be able to find Natural Bliss creamers at your local WalMart. Grocery pickup is super convenient! Get $10 off your first WalMart grocery pickup order of $50+ here:

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Pie God says:

I just got an add called "Dairy, Dairy, Dairy sneak pick" for this dairy free video. Great job youtube.

Hel Bird says:

Great recipe thanks! I will definitely try this out. Please could I gently request that we are referred to as 'you all' or 'everyone' etc., I feel so mis-gendered to be called a guy (as in 'you guys'). I am not a guy, I am a woman 🙂

alittleaboutalot says:

i need an iced coffee right now, and i'm lactose intolerant so i need this!

Angela Dyson says:

Hi, I'm from the UK. Ive tried this with Plenish Organic Hazelnut Milk. Pretty good! I had no coconut creamer though. The UK is a quite alot of the way behind USA but I can get coconut cream and I think I will also try this with cashew milk as I think it's even creamier. Thanks for the great videos
Love your hair by the way. It's a shade that really suits you and the curles are so cute. God bless.

RealHousewifeRachel says:

How cool is that concentrate bottle? Thanks for the recommendation! I'm allergic to hazelnuts and almonds so I've been using that coconut creamer since it came out. I'm always looking for new coffee recipes. My iced coffee is usually made from the morning's hot coffee that I never got a chance to drink and then stuck in the fridge. LOL #momlife

Jenny L says:

I'm going to buy hazelnut milk tomorrow! Thanks for the tip!

Rachel says:

I love your iced coffee vids! and your hair!

aka Mommy... says:

The Natural Bliss creamers are SOOO hard to find in my local stores!  I'm going to have to remember the next time I do an online order from the "big city" stores to add them to my list!  Cause mama LOVES her iced coffee!!  😉

Carly Van Beekum says:

They have Cold Brew Concentrate at Trader Joes! 😀 Def gonna try this with the hazelnut milk, that sounds fantastic!

Freeman Family Vlogs says:

This looks so yummy. Iced coffee is the only way I drink coffee. I am now on the hunt for this cold brew!

AngPsych1995 says:

Do you know if your ingredients are Whole 30? I think this would be a great alternative for me.

Donia Gonzales Copeland says:

great video.

Amanda Griffin says:

Oh that looks and sounds amazing! Where would I find Hazelnut milk? Is it going to be with shelf stable milks or in the milk aisle?

EmsColorfulLife says:

You need some stainless steel straws! That would be the perfect completion to your lovely coffee!! It looks yummy!

Leslie Hopkins says:

any sugar in the natural bliss creamers?  Whole 30 compliant?

Lena Stahl says:

Bliss coffee creamer is from Nestle which is destroying the rainforest for palm oil…..

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